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Tuesday 19 May 2020


Yesterday I got back at lunchtime after a relaxing morning with the horses. I called for the messages on my way back and got them roughly correct. There is in Fife a little known delicacy known as a breakfast roll. It's burnt bread to anyone normal. It's a white bread roll that has been burnt black. They are generally referred to as hard fired rolls. Amazingly when I first arrived here I thought they were seconds but no, they are the same price as regular rolls.
I checked my emails and found that Graham from Lewis said they have an Outer Isles Flag. I found an image of not one but two. He prefers the wavy one but I decided to run both the cross one and the wavy one. They were both very low resolution and a bit small so I ran them through Photoshop and trebled the resolution and doubled the size. They are still a bit iffy but not to worry, video hides a multitude of sins. I remade the finniels/phinials/sod it, the bobbles on top of the flag poles. I suspect they are a little over elaborate and looking again they resemble insulators on a sub-station. Not to worry they are posh for a flagpole bobble. Lewis is a bit like a miniature big island as it is divided up into Lewis in the north, North Harris in the middle, for a little bit, then South Harris as one heads towards the equator. Must be why they have two flags. I suspect they also have their own Anthem but they can make do with Flower of Scotland. I would have liked to use Rhythm of my Heart by Amy Macdonald. I suspect it is way beyond my budget but if you don't like Flower of Scotland then mute it and play Amy. I have always fancied playing with Amy but my flute playing days are long gone.

I was hoping to post this last night but got in a right muddle. I suspect that nobody will use the physics simulator in Blender but sometimes one ends up going round in circles with each new iteration getting worse. I have solved the problem; all you have to do is alter any of the parameters in the flag physics and then alter it back. The cache or Bake doesn't always clear when you tell it and you end up in a right muddle. This simple step clears it properly.

Here you are Graham.

That's all for today and probably tomorrow as I have the unenviable task of rebuilding four Honda carburettors. I just hope they all turn out the same or there will be some terrible language. 
PS. I had more than a bit of trouble using the current Blender 2.82 build for this. Don't use it, use the 2.83 Beta build and there should be no unpleasant surprises.


  1. The sudden start of the flag moving was great, like an unexpected lurch and we're off, and the transition from one flag to the other was divine. I liked the Flower of Scotland, no need to look for Amy.

    1. Rachel sometimes my cackhanded video editing works as intended. You have given me an idea for an intro that slowly gets up to speed.

  2. Thank you, Adrian. And a splendid post to match. The official flag registered with Lord Lyon is the first one taken from the coat of arms of Comhairle nan Eilean (Now Comhairle nan Eilean Siar). I think that there was a move to have a separate 'people's flag' (the second one) a couple of years ago but I don't think it got anywhere.

    On the subject of rolls I've not come across Fife's Breakfast Rolls. On the West Coast there is a Glasgow delicacy called a Moreton's Roll (after one of the bakery partners I think) made in Graham's Family Bakery. There is no better way of eating bacon. That's my standard fare in Café Torino in Bishopbriggs. Elsewhere on the West coast the morning roll is a soft roll. Fifer's always were a bit 'different'.

    1. Thanks Graham, you are welcome. I enjoy playing with image software. It can be frustrating at times but there is usually a solution.

  3. I'm not surprised that the Outer Isles have their own flag, I think they pretty much march to the beat of their own drum, don't they? At first I thought the three images were dancing ladies which didn't seem quite the right image but the more they danced in the wind the more I liked it. The idea is so at odd with the dour Scots image it's quite made my day.

    1. Pauline, I ought to have swapped the galleons for dancing ladies. It is all ae believe after all. This is proved by the blue sky.