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Thursday 28 May 2020


I am still trying to sort the chain sprocket but to be honest I'm not getting very far. My latest idea is to make it in three parts and then join them together. I'm away to see the horses this morning so will have another go on my return.
I had a bit of a play either side of breakfast with a title sequence.

This uses the Build modifier and it's something I'd never noticed before. 

Before I go I'd like to offer you the opportunity to donate to a really worthwhile cause.


  1. Looks good. Video and appeal!
    How about the 'squares' flying off or just dropping to the ground while rotating?

    1. John. I'll have a look but I think using the Build modifier that this is about as good as it gets.

  2. You could provide it to the Briefings as a new visual aid to illustrate Covid deaths worldwide. Going on the lines of what John above says, you could have one tiny fragment of a square dropping to the ground, sorry that might be difficult, to represent daily deaths world wide.

    1. Rachel, it would be impossible, I suspect that they don't know how many folk die of Bat Flu in the UK. Funny thing, I was just thinking that cancer deaths appear to be being ignored. Perhaps no one is dying of anything else now the NHS aren't treating anything much but Flu.

    2. I suspect that the dear NHS GPs have been the Government's own worst enemy by recording willy nilly that one cause of death has been Covid, amongst many causes that are always loosely listed and guessed at on death certificates without any idea of what really caused death in old age at all, and these have duly been automatically recorded by a data input clerk as Covid deaths. I remember my mother's death certificate had a staggering 5 things listed which covered just about everything she had suffered in the previous 20 years when all we thought was she had collapsed and died of old age on to the floor.

    3. Rachel, if a good friend of mine is anything to go by then GPs are not being lazy or malicious. He was being treated for depression for over a year and was told to let the tablets do the work. He then walked into a fence with a strand on the top, tried to climb out and collapsed. Well one would with barbed wire clawing at ones scrotum. He was bloody lucky that he went to A&E and a bright spark there sent him for a brain scan. Poor sod has a tumour the size of Jupiter growing in his skull. They have shifted what they can.
      Most are caring folk but incompetence is not recognised. Like teachers, civil servants, anything government run it is almost impossible to sack them.

    4. Yes, agreed, nothing malicious in it. It is just the way death certificates are in this country. They have a large box for reasons which encourages it to be filled. I feel sorry for your GP mate and hope his recovery continues. My GP friend who has helped me no end to get through the last three years, unofficially, had a nervous breakdown when his wife went off with her personal trainer and had to give up working. He has now recovered I am pleased to say.