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Saturday, 23 May 2020


It's been a pretty good week. I've had a good look at four forty odd year old Honda bike carburettors. The bodies and bracket are away for vapour blasting and the slide covers will be anodised blue. A full refurb kit is also on order as are new jets. 
I suspect I've fallen in lust again. I was watching a clip of a White House press conference it featured the wonderful new press secretary Kaleigh McEnany. She is perfect, well informed, polite, cheerful and she can pop the snowflakes back in their boxes effortlessly. What have we got? Mat bloody Handycock or someone called Willy or Willis, both aptly named.
I am not going to apologise but my Blendering as been even more esoteric than usual. I had a choice between posting a video on settings in the physics simulator or using shader nodes as a maths graphing visualiser. I settled on the former as it has some pretty colours in. Well it does now I've coloured it in.

That's all for now. Have a good week, try not to get either soaked or blown away; it's very wet and windy here.


  1. Yeh, she's a pretty cool cat and we could do with our press conferences being led by the Government and not by the press. Priti Patel did well last night and held her own along with the border guard guy. I don't know what the Handycock and the Raab seek to do by handing everything on a plate to the press except host the ritual sacrifice of the Tory Party.

    1. Rachel, I was thinking she ought to have her own show then I realised she has. Our government is dire but the alternative is worse. Priti should get a grip with the boat people. She is aiding and abetting crime let alone allowing more dross into the country.

    2. There's been some right old shenanigans going on in the Channel nobody knows about.

  2. I shall have to watch a White House press briefing. I've been avoiding them like the plague (if you'll excuse the term).

    1. Graham, nothing to excuse as I really don't think we have or have had a plague. Just pop onto YouTube and enter her name. Kayleigh is very easy on the eye. It's almost a sin to see and hear someone so perfect.