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Saturday 9 May 2020


I have decided on another project which will keep me amused. No! Not sheep feet, how they are going lame when we have a bloody drought I don't know but I now have a can of green stuff to spray their feet with when I've trimmed them. Pity nobody thought to tell me before. All I used fifty five years ago was Stockholm Tar, a fantastic smell it had or old sump oil which didn't smell so good but cured no end of things like ring worm and fly bite.

The new project is much like the old one in that it involves an animation but using a gas. I have decided to make a fan and knowing nothing about airfoils or aerofoils other than they let windmills generate expensive electric, aircraft fly and shift gases around for no end of other tasks I'm struggling.

As usual it started to get very complicated. I did remember that NASA have hundreds of free aerofoil sections and it turns out other folk do too. AIRFOIL PLOTTER  is one and this is another, OVER A THOUSAND HERE. The problem is that once one has decided on a pretty shape (some are just plain ugly) the file formats they use are beyond my ability to convert and import into Blender. The next job will be to learn to write enough code to do this. I would like to thank the USA for making such stuff so freely available if useless to me. It rarely happens in the UK. Our betters know that knowledge is power and hence if they had their way all education would be conducted in Latin or Greek. Well it would were they bright enough to learn it.

Onwards and backwards. I used a Bezier circle and pushed, pulled, stretched it this way and that until I got a chord profile I liked the look of. If the data bases have so many I suspect most of my pre-chord profile makers did the same. It is of course rocket science or close to it. I do not like using Bezier curves they take more than a bit of practise and a following wind for one to succeed. The bloody handles can easily be selected in a stupid manner and if you are going fast remember the damn thing is happy as Larry in three dimensions. That's what Bezier designed it for. It was made for Renault car shapes. I can believe that looking at the Scenic.

I've got this far. 
Sorry about the silver bits in the cap heads. I'll Boolean them soon. I only popped them in for interest and made myself look a numpty by doing so.

I like the look of this profile or chord section. Angle of attack is 8°. No idea whether it would work but it looked something like. I'll blow some smoke at it and see. I suspect I'll have to reduce the angle of attack towards the blade tips. I'll pop some serious geometry in and just swivel the top vertices. Visa versa would work better.
Have fun and remember what is now getting to seem normal is just bollocks. Wait till the teachers have to go back, the train drivers. The REEEEing will be deafening, not to mention our wonderful NHS who are employing folk to sit around eating free pizzas in hospitals running at about 60% capacity. They will be incandescent, heat half country they will. Burn the fat ones and we could be carbon neutral for a decade. 

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