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Friday, 3 December 2010

THE BIG FREEZE (03/12/10)

Wednesday we got out of Northumberland with surprising ease. The roads were generally well ploughed and gritted.

I had to leave this chap behind despite him having eaten me out of house and home. When first he started calling by the van I regarded him as emergency rations but after a couple of days he became a welcome visitor and almost a friend. I hope he survives without my seed and peanuts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      We are back in Stockton on Tees for the weekend at least. Gas bottles are filled, water tank filled and a proper shop done so we now have all  we need to survive a prolonged cold spell.

Nothing has leapt in front of the camera but if it stops clear tonight I will try for some star trails.

Keep warm and safe and have a good weekend.


  1. I hope both the pheasant and you will find new friends... Good weekend to you too.

  2. Dawntreader, soft as a brush I am. Really did consider popping him in the camper as the dogs had got used to him and he to them. Amazing how hungry he must have been to sit around the van all day. Waiting for his water and food.

  3. He knew you were any easy touch Adrian. Lovely photo of him.

  4. Beautiful color, this bird deserves a pretty picture.

  5. Great shot of the pheasant. He's a handsome bird. Sounds like you've both stored up for the winter.

  6. John, amazing what hunger can achieve. Pheasants are Molly's favourite prey but after a couple of days of his being around she just gave him a sniff. Would have popped him in the van but two dogs and a pheasant would have made me at the least eccentric.

    Leovi, he deserves a good life, he is beautiful.

    Jolynne, he is a smasher, he would eat for half an hour three times a day. The farmer laughed at first but after he had seen it pecking at the van door for more food promised to keep feeding him.

  7. Beautiful birds Adrian; my favourite.
    They can be very trusting at times. I used to have one come every day when I lived in a cottage, and he'd take food from my hand like a pet. I used to live on a shooting estate, and the gamekeepers thought it was hilarious.

    Keep safe and warm.

  8. Great Pheasant photograph Adrian.

  9. Pure genius, that Pheasant is lovely, and the photographer.

  10. Glad you are stocked up, Adrian. Neighbours took me with them on a shopping trip to Hexham today and I was very glad to have been asked. Not that I needed much but it's good to know things are stocked up again. You take care too.

  11. May I be forgiven for thinking you were feeding him so he would hang around for photo opportunities. He's a real beauty, his colours really stand out against the snow.

  12. Keith, they are amazingly friendly when hungry.

    Trevor, It is a photogenic bird but was wary of the camera.

    Bob, thanks.........just had a cooperative subject.

    Emma, It's good you are okay. this looks as if it could last a while.

    Pauline, I do feed the birds anyway but he got special treatment.

  13. I meant to comment on this but it escaped me. Great picture... no doubt the seed helped. Most efforts I have made to photograph the male have proved fruitless with the exception of a B&B car park in the Yorkshire Dales. He was still a bit camera shy though.

  14. Jay, they soon get used to food. He had been calling several times a day for four days and had even got accustomed to the dogs.