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Wednesday 22 December 2010

SPIKEY ICE (22/12/10)

Today is a clean, polish, paperwork, shopping day. I got distracted for an hour.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   As usual I’m not happy with my pictures but am persevering with a new lens and new camera. Amazing how one becomes at one with a lump of glass, electronics, and metal. The new camera is undoubtedly better but it is not yet mine…………give it six months. I’ll get there.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Back to cleaning…………….Have a good day.


  1. I like the third one... I guess I'm getting a little tired of "all white", having too much of it around myself! ;) But seriously, I do like that one because the variety of colours, shapes and focus makes it interesting.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed them.

    Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

  3. It's daunting doing the paperwork, shopping, etc, but, you allowed us the precious time and see the great pictures.

  4. Long time I haven't been here (on your blog). Your photos are fantastic and I'm so impressed.

  5. I am a bit behind Adrian and doing a little catch up.I am mighty impressed with your landscape shots and I guess being the hardy warrior that you are you go out with Tripod, Marlboro, poop bags (ummm maybe not) and a nicely packed lunch. Carrying the tripod brings in its own rewards. The new camera is certainly earning its keep.

  6. I love your frozen impressions! Thank´s a lot for your kind comments on my blog, Adrian! I wish you a wonderfull chrismass time and a happy new year full of inspiration! Hugs from Luzia.

  7. Monika, it can get a bit too much of a good thing if one can't get out. No real depth of snow here.

    Mark, thank you.

    Claudia, a very Happy Christmas to you.

    Bob, I'm up to date. It is hard getting to know a different camera.

    Ula, glad you enjoyed them.

    Trevor, Tripod mostly but not always. evry pocket in all my clothes seems full of poop bags. I don't walk that far most days.

    Luzia, all the very best to you as well. Lets hope for a good 2011.

  8. It looks like the comment I left yesterday vanished into the ether so here goes with a second attempt.

    Hoar frost can give some great opportunities for photography. I particularly like the first two.

    It does take time to get used to new gear. I know I've usually been disappointed with the results after changing a camera or lens but eventually I have learned how to drive them - a bit!

  9. John, Never really noticed hoar frost till I was popping away at the eclipse and suddenly checked and found a load on the filter.
    It is difficult to work new things....Nothing seems to come out as I expect. Never has come to think.
    This machine offers not two custom settings but seemingly dozens. I like them as I can allocate the DOF button to exposure or focus lock. Then I could allocate the flash control to something else and the Function button to continuous auto focus............can't see much point as I'd forget what I'd put where. The job would become a total lottery.

  10. Oh Adrian, I am so happy I saw these...They are stunning crystals, a work of art! They are magical and what great detail in them....Great vision as always! Merry Christmas to you too and thanks for your lovely comments! Cheers, Linda

  11. Linda, Hoar frost can get very impressive. This is a new macro lens and Olympus E-5. I didn't spend enough time on the set up but will get there. Probably when the E-7 is released!! Though I suspect the current model will be the last DSLR from Olympus.