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Saturday, 4 December 2010


More Tom Foolery today. The snow is slowly melting but it’s misty, cold and miserable. So I decided to have a quick look round for somewhere more convivial and clement.

Gave Captain Kirk a ring and hitched a ride on the Enterprise…….We got to the final frontier but there is nothing out there for light years. Scotty was having problems with his Warp Drives, Captain Kirk hadn’t a clue where we were. Spock was Spock and Lt. Uhura was having a Missy day. Wish I had stayed at home.

Bet you wish I'd stayed in space……………You will do when you see the photos I took.


Untitled-1  The second, on consideration, looks more like some virulent pond algae than the gas nebula I was attempting to create.

That’s all…………I’m tired of colouring in. I hope the weather is treating you kindly.



  1. I'm still using crayons and a colouring book....!!

  2. These are really good Adrian.
    A very creative mind you have.
    Keep warm.

  3. Trevor, very wise you are too. I'm thinking of jigsaws or painting by numbers.

    Keith, you are kind, they are not really good but I am getting better...........or worse! Amazing how versatile Photoshop is. What the full version can achieve is unbelievable.......so are these.

  4. If I write a sci-fi novel I want you to do the cover.

  5. I worry about you catching cold in your vehicle !!! ... on the other hand, the last I heard you were in Stockton.. must look out for the Space Station next time as well as the bridge..... if it's not a cold you have then I'm convinced it's those smoggie fumes affecting you !! Great pictures and text once again.

  6. Mama mia!
    I am thinking now why you have choosen this subject!Stars, Enterprise, Captain Kirk ....the final frontier ....
    Yes, maybe outer space is a better place to take photography till summer....and to dream about!
    I was born in June in one of those sunny days, so I understand the feeling!
    I am quite amazed about your abilities, Adrian!
    My compliments!

  7. Jolynne, let me know when you start writing and I'll start drawing......take me about the same lenght of time for a good scene.

    Bob, thanks. Remember there is a thin line between madness and lunacy.

    Jay, the truck is really warm, two separate heating systems..it is a bit of a dump but they are doing their best with it. There is no space station...........They beam one up.

    Wind....Thank you. I like the light on good winter days but another three months of this and I will really appreciate summer too.