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Monday, 20 December 2010


It’s another absolutely brilliant day. We went out to tax the camper and then I intended walking up Latrigg or maybe the shoulder of Skiddaw , I believe it’s called Little Man, for some views looking up Derwentwater. By the time I had finished messing around in the Post Office the sun was too high so I’ll leave that till tomorrow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Skiddaw on the left and Blencathra on the right. Barely a cloud in the sky.

I decided to go and have a look at St John’s Church.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo far so good……I had to tilt the camera to fit it in……it’s not really The Leaning Church of Keswick.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Things started to go rapidly downhill……..the camera refused to focus. When I sorted it out I found the lens had misted up……….Then I whacked the ISO up and managed to half salvage a couple of shots.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          What a fiasco………I need to go back with a tripod and a flashgun…………..Preferably on a cloudy day……..A smashing church with an unusual ceiling.

I decided to wander back by way of the Lakeside and feed the ducks and give the dogs a good run in Crow Park.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy favourite outdoor shop…..I’ve yet to pluck up the courage to go in……………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Keswick Cinema…………….An incongruous choice of building material.  I quite like the building nineteen thirties I would guess.

We got down to the lake and shared it with a party of Chinese girls who delighted in making a big fuss of the dogs……………I’m hoping they were Chinese and not Korean……I’ll keep and eye on the dogs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Two of them who appear to have got their clothes mixed up………..They either packed in a rush or were late getting up.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     A not quite misty enough view up the lake. It doesn’t look it but it is a touch warmer today.

I will get out again later and see if things improve.

All the best.


  1. What a beautiful mountains, I can't wait for the next instalment of it.

  2. It looks much the same there as here - brass monkey weather. It actually got to the dizzy height of -1.5C today but it's already below -6

    Curious - the almost curved roof in the church. You never know what you will find in them. Umm, plenty of bird life on the shore there. The Alhambra looks a typical pre war musichall.

  3. The Alhambra - I do love that building.

  4. First and last shots... yes, yes, yes.
    St Johns church exterior.... nice one, I like the humour.
    I've never been in the building before so it's nice to see these.
    Always dangerous on the wallet to enter George Fisher but I bet you can't put it off much longer !
    I remember seeing a few films in the Alhambra. The interior and staff were from the 1930s as well ... the curtains opened, the adverts came on, the curtains closed, the lights came on, ice creams were for sale at the front, the lights went out and curtains opened for the main feature.
    Nice work with the tourists !!

  5. The first and last shots bring lots of memories rolling back. A twinge of envy is creeping in.

  6. Bob, it is rather wonderful but very cold now.

    John, a most unusual roof. The bird life was posed. The second one I lent her the camera but language difficulties precluded my persuading her it was not a compact or mobile phone.

    Trevor, well worth seeing a film there if you are in the area.

    Keith, misty is good. Chilly on the fingers though.

    Jay, it is a grand building. Fishers, I'll keep hanging on. The girls were good fun and cheerful. Probably from the Himalayas.

    Graham,I loving it but actually got my fingers stuck to the tripod........How winters should be.