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Friday, 17 December 2010

A GRAND DAY (17/12/10)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  It’s a touch cool but the day dawned clear and bright…………We waited and waited for the sun to cast a russet red glow on the fells……………..freezing it was but not that cold as the camera batteries didn’t die.Must be me getting to be a bit of a wuzz……..Wasdale Head last year I was swapping batteries every ten minutes. The hills catching the sun are Cat Bells, Skelgill Bank, Robinson in the gap and Grisedale Pike. I’m leaving myself open to ridicule here as one follower will be able to put me right………hope he does.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This was taken a little earlier looking up Derwentwater.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I quite like this one………….Keswick Church and I hope Blencathra…………..Help Jay.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             A Muscovy Duck looking well fed up at Lakeside……Despite their looks they are friendly birds. No geese about but I will try again tomorrow. I know it’s nothing to be proud of but I get endless entertainment from watching skeins of geese landing on ice. I have video on the new camera so will try and share the spectacle with you. I’m trying with the video but am rubbish, I’ll try some more and most likely will still be useless. Just as well: it’s neither big nor clever to wet oneself watching large elegant birds crashing into each other.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           What is it about dogs?………….They love chasing……….and love being chased. They also hog the fire but can’t wait to roll in ice and snow…………….beats me.

We meandered back, had breakfast then headed into town to tax the truck……………had to wait in line for the dog tie………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Chocolate Labrador was not for sharing his tether point with a pair of Terriers. Quite right too.

Never did get the truck taxed because I forgot my insurance certificate………….Ho Hum! It’s Christmas so I kept my cool. Had to buy two rolls of wrapping paper…….I don’t do presents so generally have little need for it. Now I’m the proud owner of twelve yards of Christmas paper. Okay, I could use it up but it has that shiny texture IZAL used to have……………….never was any good with that stuff. Left more on than it took off…………was medicated though…. if I remember rightly.

Have fun and a really good weekend.


  1. Lovely opening shots--I love a good sunrise. That last photo was a surprise, too; what a startling red against what could almost post for a black and white photo!

  2. Lovely sunrise scenery, especially the one with the church (though I never know with you how real the colour is). Great photo of the duck.

    Yes it was medicated and the rolls we had at college were also printed with 'now please was your hands' on every sheet. As you say - too shiny to be fit for purpose!

    Plenty of snow showers here on what was originally forecast to be a fine, though cold, day. At least they got the cold bit right as it's been below zero all day.

  3. Jolynne, it was not a good sunrise, too little cloud but as a diary it's fine.
    I should have said the last photo is colour popped. Effective yes but I ought to have owned up to doing it..........Duplicate your background. Convert that to black and white. Whack contrast then erase the colour bits. Easy and slick. You have problems on a dull day.... it is a life saver...I exaggerate.....a photo saver!

  4. John, photos aren't real. If I've sat out in minus ten I feel free to process. The sunrise was rubbish. I didn't add colour. I did give the mountains and clouds a quick spray with the saturation sponge. Oh and the church clock.
    Am glad you remember.......how did they sell it? Almost like using the Daily Mail, puts more on than it takes off.
    Met office are not very good....charitable I am.

  5. About the geese landing on the ice... I have counted endless hours watching geese and mallards landing on clear, slick lake ice. You can almost see the surprise on their faces as they hit and skate along the top. Better yet is when they move to the side and act as if it is water and then watch the other ducks and geese land on it. You can almost detect some curve near the back of their beaks as they smile watching the others make the same mistake. ;)

  6. Time to live. Glad someone else loves it. Mallard were doing it this morning but Canada and Barnacle are the best or worse. The lake here froze in strong wind so they can tell........mores the pity.

  7. For sure I would like to go there to stay for a while, but in summer!
    Beautiful images Adrian!
    The second one is a masterpiece!
    I wish you all my best!
    Regards from Romania!

  8. I love those sunrise shots Adrian; it was a cracker here this morning, what I could see of it through trees.
    Nice shot of the Muscovy Duck. Is that roaming wild up there?
    The mention of Izal had me briefly down memory lane then. Thank gawd for Andrex.

  9. Fantastic post Adrian and a great set of shots... I lived this for years.

    You have encouraged me to search for the viewpoint in the first one, I have an idea but I need an excuse to explore....funnily enough I got a Christmas card today from the B&B I stayed at during the summer... there's my excuse. Just to fill in the details from left to right from the gap are Rowling end (sub summit of...), Causey Pike, Sail &/or Crag hill behind ( can't tell from this angle), then Barrow (in the sun) and Hopegill head on the extreme right. Although I am impressed with your contour knowledge, the bad news is that Grizedale Pike is just out of shot to the right.
    The second shot... It's great to see this in Winter, I don't often get the chance, must make the effort sometime.
    Third shot... Spot on. Blencathra and what looks like Hallsfell ridge. I have discovered in more recent times that there is a lot of potential to include St Johns church in a photo. I am beginning to get the feeling that all 3 shots were roughly taken in the same area.
    Fourth shot... I wish I had as much knowledge of bird life as you do of mountains... superb study on the ice.
    Fifth shot... Great action shot of a happy dog..... unlike...
    sixth shot... I love this one. You have accentuated the drab slate and stone of Keswick to possibly match the somber mood of the dog but nice to see it contrasted with some seasonal (sorry) red. I've never seen the Post Office doors closed before, it must be cold ! Lastly, a secret, since you shared one of yours re:processing ...this building means a lot to me as the telephone box just out of picture on the right was the means whereby I discovered that I got my present employment.... not sure if that's a good thing or not !!! ... a bit like the length of this post (sorry*2)!

  10. err ...comment, i meant.... (sorry3)

  11. Jay... I know you love this area....And I did invite your input......Your input was better than mine. All shots were taken from Crow park. Accessed from just by the theatre.
    And jay nothing today is good...it's better than yesterday. I shoot and post...keeps me sane Ish.
    many many thanks.

  12. Wind, don't come in summer you can't move.

    Keith, I was just discussing Andrex with Alf's mum the other week. it's gone crap....finger is through it in a blink....Velvet from the Co-Op is the wipe of choice.
    The duck has escaped there are two or three wanderig about. Friendly if ugly I love them.

  13. Triple it mate; that's what I do lol

  14. I'm sure that dog was sitting the when CJ and I were there a couple of years ago!

  15. Graham, probably pension day...It was only there for ten minutes yesterday.