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Saturday, 18 December 2010


Most regular visitors assume, quite rightly, that my images are nearly always heavily processed. I prefer to think of it as presenting images in their best possible light……….Or my best anyway.

Yesterday, I had a couple of comments that I would like to address. I colour popped the post office shot and should have said so………….I’m sorry.

The second image was worked on but information wasn’t added. The information on the file was just manipulated.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The original image…….A Raw file default converted in PS Elements…………..And one that has been dodged burned and had the red and yellow channels saturation boosted…..It has also been cropped and the annoying tree on the left has been cloned out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I prefer the second image…………..

We are off out later for a wander round town so will see what that produces…………or what I produce from it.

Another Christmas card for you all.


Have a good day.


  1. I like your playing with photoshop, very good.

  2. Excellent editing Adrian.

    I'm not a Christmas person, but I'm enjoying these cards.

  3. I've been converted to image processing. By that I mean alteration. We've always played around to some extent even in the B&W days. I'm still not a fan of 'overpushed' HDR and there is, of course, a difference between a photographic record and a picture. Most of the time now we are producing a cross between the two and the tools are readily available (even if, like me, their use is minimal through lack of application and time). When I posted a picture of a very golden landscape the other day it dawned on me that I couldn't reproduce what I say with the camera alone and what I posted was what the camera saw. What came out on the screen was not what I saw. But which was real? And did you on your screen see what I saw on my screen?

    Hmmm. So many questions. So few answers.

    As for Christmas. Least said.

  4. I do agree that the second shot is an improvement.
    I am always frightened to experiment by pushing the settings too far. I am beginning to dip my toe a little into the water of the processing world but as you can see, it's a little icy. When I get the time in the New Year, I'm going to need all the help I can get..... to get the time !!
    Love the cheesy card by the way as I did with what looked like Bamburgh beach last week.

  5. Have you noticed that the colour of the robin appears to change as the other aspects of the photo changes. Another thing to trick the brain.

  6. Bob, I enjoy it too. Twice the fun.

    The cards pass time......after a walk or three with the dogs I usually clean and cook....still cook but cleaning is getting ready it's just too cold.

    Graham, I too wondered why you hadn't pushed the golden shot. It has always been done either with coloured filters....real or cross processing......unreal and unpredictable....Contact printing polaroids onto wet art paper.......out of this world.
    If you go to a photo editor they use very expensive monitors and colour calibrate them. They also have profile for all the papers they print..........I don't so just pray. Monitors at several thousand pounds and with a limited life are not for me.

    Jay, Just get on with it......folk are not backward coming forward if one over does it and nor should they be. Redcar Beach Jay. If I can help with editing let me know I can e-mail instructions.

    Graham, yes it's because I added an outer glow to the writing then when I put the twinkling lights on the letters they reacted There are four frames in this animation each has: the background of the fence then I grew the canvas to have somewhere to plonk the robin. Then used a brush to add the border snowflakes then wrote Merry Christmas. Beveled the letters coloured them in added a drop shadow and outer glow. Then two layers of falling snow little flakes for the background and big flakes in front Takes about Half an hour or so......an Hour cos I forget what is on what layer. and then every other frame twinkling lights.

  7. Half an hour!! I'd need half a day (er, possibly substitute week given my lack of knowledge).

    Not good news for the cricketers either!

  8. Graham, I'd need half a week to do it properly. There is animation software out there but I bumble about in Elements and can't preview so it's a bit hit and miss.........more miss than hit.
    Cricket.....it's a silly game! Idle sods....I would have turned the radio off but it meant standing up.