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Saturday, 18 December 2010

MINIMALISM (18/12/10)

This applies both to the first image and to the dearth of pictures.

I went for a wander round town and never took a shot. It must have been me. I’m getting fed up with santas and Angels and twinkling lights and Christmas and twinkling lights and snowmen and charity collectors and santas……partial to mince pies though….Only another week to go!

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The moon in this was selected and enlarged…………Honesty……….I’ll go to heaven…..not sure I want to but it’s better than the alternative.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dusk over Derwentwater………….it is as cold as it looks……..and getting colder minus eighteen forecast which is getting near the vans low temperature specification……..Oh well! More propane.

We had a bit more snow this morning…………nothing serious but the temperature has plummeted. Time to dig out the mountain boots and discard the wellies. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The last of the sun for today

Tomorrow I really fancy a good walk………..will have to get some new crampons and a long axe……can’t find my survival bag either………..I hope they sell them in bloater sizes cos I’ll have to fit the dogs in as well should the worst happen. Looks as if George Fisher’s birthday is coming early. Keswick is ninety percent outdoor clothing shops. All or most are useless…..George Fisher’s emporium is a joy to enter, top quality gear and knowledgeable staff. I accept the fact it’s bread and water for a month after a visit but I still have thermals I bought there twenty years ago and they are still doing the job. A good shop………..too good……Why am I reduced to tears on exit……………Cos I’m broke!…Perchance will be Monday before we have the walk.

All the best.


  1. Minus 18 is a trifle cool Adrian.
    Not as cool here, but bloody cold nonetheless.

    Keep warm.

  2. Certainly looks a tad on the bleak side there Adrian. I looked at my outside thermometer - for a moment I thought it said -11 but it had actually risen to -1.1 The warmest all day.

  3. First shot composition is rather humorous but skilful I think.
    I'm sure George Fisher has lots of birthdays.
    Outdoor shops - don't get me started !! There should only be 3 outdoor shops in the Lake District... George Fisher and Rathbone in Keswick and Gaynors of Ambleside. I'll allow a special case for my mate to have his cheap camping shop of CA Holmes or whatever it is...think I bought a sitmat from a bucket outside once !! Talking of sounding frosty.. not that I'm saying they should blow it up !!... but they should convert Cotswold camping into a Propane gas shop ... all that hot air ... might do you good!!

  4. Keith, minus ten to minus fifteen now. It gets academic after minus five...it's wind chill that then makes the difference.

    John it's dry............let's hope it remains so.

    Jay, the local planners should really have a say. It is ridiculous here. I like Rathbone as well.
    Fishers is just such an impressive shop.

  5. I don't envy you being up there. It freezing here and we're the lucky ones! Lovely shots Adrian.

  6. Angie, it is cool but so beautiful....freezing is freezing. Clothing and a healthy diet combat the cold............so folk tell me, I have the clothing bit sussed. Thanks, not lovely pictures yet, we need a storm to head in. Because one is in a valley there is little warning so it's out like a rocket at the first sign. And then it only works with the light in clear sky behind you. It will happen.

  7. Hi Adrian,
    I always enjoy looking back over your photos. I'm sure your new camera will have to go a long way to improve your alredy excellent photos.

  8. Gwentman, it's about fifty fifty PS Elements and the idiot behind the camera. The E-3 has done sterling work and still does. Not really got into the new one yet. It's much the same and better but one gets used to the old. I'm old and love knowing that the E-3 is almost part of me. She is an abused and tired girl though......Soft as muck I am it's a tool.