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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Today is an important day. It’s the Winter solstice, the first day of winter……that’s a cheering thought. From now on though it’s all downhill the days get longer. I thought I’d nip out yesterday evening and first thing this morning to indulge my Druid and Wicca leanings…..which one I lean toward I couldn’t really say. Perhaps I should take my convictions a little more seriously. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Moonlight over Keswick and a vapour trail I should have spotted during the edit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The Theatre by the Lake.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Another shot of the moon………….this is known as a link. This morning saw a lunar eclipse and I shot most of it. Almost half of it anyway. I got up a bit late and then the moon went behind the trees……still better to see some of it than none of it……..All the following are cropped as I still don’t have my long lens back from the menders. I’ve not messed with them……………Promise. They should enlarge.




The last one is almost there. Had I been able to observe it for longer it would have reflected a deep red light. I can feel a Photoshop moment coming on.

The quality is not of the best but I tried my best. Freezing it was. I hope all you loonies out there appreciate my sacrifice. I have loads more so will see if I can polish a few up. They are not shot to a time interval unless you consider A Marlboro a frame scientific interval timing……..more like suicide. Also a couple have longer gaps as I made a cup of coffee during one and lost the dogs for a while during another. Bet Patrick Moore doesn’t operate under such constraints.

Have  good day.


  1. Great shots all round there Adrian. I was going to have a shot at the Moon but it disappeared behind cloud. At least you didn't have to juggle with a monocle.

  2. John, it started to cloud a bit here but fortunately near perfect conditions. The moon was a bit low in the sky but it was good to see. As it neared totality I should have switched metering from spot as the sky was lightening as well. If there is a next time I'll try to remember.

  3. These are all wonderful. I saw the full moon for a short while last night too, through the window. But with my camera I'm not able to zoom it in. I really like that last full moon picture of yours - it looks so... round... I mean spheric, three-dimensional kind of round.

  4. Excellent photos Adrian. As always of course despite the fact that you can be so critical of your efforts.

    We had a small party up at The House with the splendid telescope all set up. All to no avail. We never saw the moon all night. This morning, of course, for the first time in over a week I've woken to clear skies and the promise of a beautiful day to come. A bit b....y late!

  5. Great captures of the eclipse Adrian.
    I'm like John, too cloudy here to see a thing, apart from a little more snow falling.

  6. Dawntreader, They are okay. A total eclipse of the moon is a humiliating experience. A cold experience the halo is caused by ice on the filter. I did have a spare and swapped as soon as I noticed. If one breathes near the camera in those temperatures the lens fogs and takes ages to clear if it does at all.

    Graham, Comments in blogisphere tend towards the positive...I post fast and then consider. These were uploaded within an hour, had a bowl of porridge as well. Multitasking. Your beach shot was great but improved with a bit of a poke. I try not to post buildings with distortion sunrises/sunsets washed out. I just don't like digital unprocessed. They are easy but too soft for my taste. I've learn't it's best not to say so.

    Keith, I am reasonably happy for once. Thanks.

  7. Another great set of atmospheric keswick images. I've never seen one of the theatre from this angle before. I saw something similar of moon 4 when I was going to work at a strange hour on the A1.

  8. Jay, A good and convenient vantage point is Crow Park. The lunar eclipse is the best I've seen.