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Sunday, 19 December 2010

REAPPRAISAL (19/12/10)

I started this trip a year last August so have less than a year to go unless I wish to become a tramp. I must admit it does have a certain appeal. Only if one can hobo in luxury does it have any attraction.

When I started out mobile broadband was very hit and miss so I dated my posts as it was often impossible to upload for a week or more. My more pedantic followers like a map and a time line……..quite right too!…. I was going to dispense with the date in the title and then realised I would end up checking whether I had used the title before…………..I’ll keep it.

I was also going to the posh purveyor of outdoor equipment then realised how hard it was climbing Ingleborough and Scafell last winter with one dog. I now have two and it would be suicide. Ice as hard as bell metal means you need two hands. I used to stuff Molly in the top of my winter sack and tie the cord round her neck. It’s not an option with Alfie he weighs half a ton for a start and for a second I don’t have a Sherpa. So it’s back to walks more suited to my age and fitness. I’ll get walking spikes and another pole and should conditions demand more then down we will come.

This is the first day I have swapped wellies for boots………….It is chilly. I also wore my thermal long johns for the first time. Nearly had nasty accident I’d put the beggars on back to front ……..Got in from our first constitutional busting for a wee and couldn’t find it………….defined panic that did….. Wasn’t over comfortable on the walk. Just thought I had got bigger…………No chance of that this weather. How do ladies manage with thongs?……They take little steps and wriggle their bottoms as they go along………perchance that is just me and a smatter of wishful thinking…………Men wear them as well but only on South Beach Miami!…..Funny sort of men they have there.

Anyway, enough of the verbal diarrhea more correctly spelt diarrhoea (from the Greek---Flowing through).  We went a walk before lunch in gorgeous weather……….nothing much to show for it but I really love the cold…………..here they come…………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Colour popped……..Thought this would be stunning when I took it………..we can all be wrong.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe post is frozen so are we, it needs a hoar frost to set the sheep netting off.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Two Male Mallard…too close, aperture wide open…wing not bad but…………I need panning practice……………….I just need panning! Feel free but remember it’s Christmas.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   A Male and a female bum on and I did a worse job…………..I will have to sit down and concentrate.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       A Scott's Pine…..A beautiful tree and they don’t flap about……………If they do…………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey end up as half a Scott’s Pine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          A Black Headed Gull, I’ll be posh and say female………change my mind. First season male…..Help!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        The Muscovy Duck……I forgot his food today or maybe her food. Molly tried to frighten it…..It’s tame and will get fed on a Sunday, I’ll take it corn tomorrow. Frost on it’s back so it’s not loosing too much heat.

Have fun this week………….give the shops a wide berth….remember it’s the thought that counts and thought will cost half as much next week. All the best.



  1. Great post again Adrian.
    A luxury hobo life sounds perfect to me. Something I've seriously been considering recently.
    So what happens when the party is over? Surely not normality of sorts? And you can't give up blogging, that's for sure.

    I just love that Muscovy; and as for sexing the gull, I'll pass. I have enough trouble working out what make they are.

  2. Nice bunch of photos Adrian. I did that, putting my long johns the wrong way, and it doesn't feel very nice, especially when you're desperate.

  3. They say it is lucky if you put a vest on backwards but I don't know if that also applies to long johns. Apparently not!
    I put an extra layer on this morning. The temp got just above zero this afternoon, for about 15 mins. The first time above zero since Thursday.

    The Muscovy make a great subject.

  4. All that snow does look lovely but I think I'd prefer to be here and sizzle. I must be one of the pedantic people who like the maps. But I assure you that will be the first time anyone refers to be as pedantic. Pedants don't get abondonded at airports twice in two different countries within a matter of weeks. In fact I have sworn to become a little more detail conscious.

  5. Keith, I honestly don't know what to do. I like this life. It's a handsome duck....like me ugly on the outside.

    Bob, I'm glad I'm not the only muppet.

    John, The Muscovy is very tame and happy to pose.

    Pauline, at least you caught the flight. It is brilliant weather here, dry and cold and far preferable to the damp wet winters we can have to tolerate.

  6. Mea culpa as the first person to have abandoned Pauline. Slight misunderstanding involving female v male interpretations of timetables. The male one was, of course, incorrect.

    I like the first photo regardless of its stunningness or otherwise and the Scots Pine really was a cracker.

  7. Graham I know, saw her original post on the matter. She'll be right of course. Anyone who actually sews flags to scare Magpies has got to be totally and indisputably ma.......Correct.