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Sunday 21 November 2021


 I have been playing about for half the night but have got a cunning plan about sorted. I post about such things as I find it helps get things straight or straighter in my mind.

This is mostly about lighting, I've used a virtual studio light set up consisting of a back or rim light which in this case just puts a strong light to the rear. A key light and a fill light to soften the shadows.

This has the back light providing most of the illumination and not enough fill light.
Increasing the fill light softens shadows as you can see, it's a complicated subject and applies equally to both normal photography and Blender virtual images. It's called the Inverse Square Law and means that if you double the distance of a light from a subject the light is four times dimmer unless of course you make the light four times brighter. 
This is a similar displacement image to the first two but has black letters on a white background. There ought to be an invert button to click in Blender but I've not found it so use Photoshop to swap black for white.

For those still here I have done a video of me babbling on and playing. 

It's all good fun and passes the long winter nights.
Enjoy the coming week.

PS. Camera pre-set list.

I mentioned in the video I couldn't find this list. I can now.

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