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Sunday 7 November 2021


 Rats, rats and rats again.

Things I once found easy have become very hard in the last couple of days. The engine is at the stage where I have to decide on dimensions. I'll not bore you too much, working in CAD poses as many problems as it solves. One can get a pretty picture but will it do the job. The answer in my case is no. 

Normal four stroke engines use total swept volume but in a two stroke as the exhaust is just over halfway up the cylinder we get into effective swept volumes and on it goes. I have tried differentiating volumes against pressure using Boyles Law. I can't keep track with all the resolving of the integration. It's a nightmare. Does my head in.

The good news is that my stew pot has been popped in a casserole dish after a couple of days and will do tomorrows tea with a quick microwave. That will be four days for one days shopping and cooking. I'm considering getting some lambs liver, cooking it up with a bit of neck from the same source, adding all the sprouts that came from Lidl for next to nowt. I'll give it all a boil and I'll be set for a few days or more. Could be a challenge for folk of a parsimonious bent to keep a stew pot going right through winter. We used to do it for a few weeks on the boats, worked very well, I'd forgotten how well. It gets tastier as time goes on.

Now back to things that are confusing to me. The bugger below is not right yet as I can't do pocket features on a non planer surface. I know I can but the computer keeps ballsing it up.

This sort of thing is harder than it used to be. I have got an exhaust pipe with equal areas start to finish.

I have twigged this is an exhaust bung but it's but a minutes job to give it a wall thickness and make it proper. Perhaps dementia is further away than I suspected, I am determined to sort this job. 

I usually have a flick through Going Postal. It's not a bad site for libertarians.

Here are a couple of screen grabs.

This is hard to believe unless one has wanted sorting.

Disregarding what the job entails but offering HCA is an admission that the NHS is as most know a money sink no longer fit for purpose run by money grubbing bastards and serviced by and large by the same. The NHS are employing folk for a non-job in Denmark Hill (that's Londonistan) and paying for private health on top of mega bucks for a non job. To add to the piss take they get this private health care but when I wanted my National Insurance back for having made my own arrangements. Well you can guess. We are an NHS with a country attached.

I'll keep trying with the wee engine. I suspect I'll get there.

Have fun.


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