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Thursday 4 November 2021


No silly renders today. Ali is no more. he is away to the stable in the sky. He got cancer at twenty six. Got thin and wasn't eating properly but he seemed reasonably happy. Yesterday after a scan. Horrible images from the Vet of cancer in the thorax and the esphogis (can't spell it but it means throat) the knacker man came and euthanised him. What is it with the world we live in that has to use words like euthanatized instead of killed. I suspect we should have more wars.  

Years ago I lusted after a Mac computer, I got a used one and it was okay, super fast as an OS. Then decided they were form over function, that's why they were quick. That and the fact that nobody does anything constructive on a Mac made me to pop a Windows OS on here.  Linux is the way to go but I want a tool and not another puzzle. (I'm frit) 

I use development software and it comes on several levels. Blender is now Adobe standard or near enough it doesn't have Illustrator polishedness. FreeCad is like Blender ten years ago. I can use SolidWorks but only if someone's paying.
The newest software I have used in 2D is magic. I Forget what it's called but Aerospatiale developed the new one they have down the road. It's far from cheap. Like many such things it was paid for with your money but the profits go to the company. I suspect what we used to call money laundering. It is user friendly but I can't see any benefit other than it's render engine. If you are presenting stuff to engineers a drawing would suffice. Be quicker and cheaper to do as I do and pop your stuff into Blender and render it there. Not to worry another few billions the developers won't see but politicians will. 

We got given Comprehensive Education. Not for the benefit of pupils but for the staff. A Secondary Modern teacher could become a proper Learner and get the same wages as someone teaching posh kids. What's more nobody could sack the useless. Same with the Polytechnics deciding it become a university every twat no matter how dim could become a professor.

I hear on the news that Crap 26 is not just a bean feast. It's really a serious attempt to stop us dying. Pull the other one. 

Climate cooling/warming has been superseded by CO2 by the semiliterate. I'm happy as it was always a pain having to write CO². The total CO² (got it off pat now) in the atmosphere is 0.4%. 
Naturally occurring CO² is 97%.
Therefore 3% is man made.
3% of 0.4% is 0.0012%. I can't be arsed working out how much the Prince of Wales contributed flitting around.
Remember less than 0.14% CO² and plants will die. 

Its all a money laundering load of shit.

For anyone hard of thinking that can't work out a percentage of a percentage then just ask. 


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