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Thursday 25 November 2021


I am brolly making today. Bad brolly making would be more accurate. I have got the brolly bit but it is misbehaving. The stick bit is easy for a man of my limited skills, I bet anyone could model a stick. Even Sub-Saharan Africans could manage to pop a point on a stick, I suspect the curved handle at the other end would cause a bit of head scratching but in the interests of diversity I'll not go there.

Here it is.

As you can see it looks more than a little umbrella like sans stick. One of the many problems is that the Union Flag I used for the texture is far too low resolution. I can try to bang that up in Photoshop or look for a 300dpi one for free. I suspect the former is the way to go as it would take another hour to scale and get a different image symmetrical. 

Here is a short video of the Umbrella being a pain in the arse. (American, fanny). I'm a little worried that this bit of patronisation is a retrograde step.

This post should have been published yesterday lunch time but I've been suffering Interweb problems. It has been slow for a couple of weeks but eventually came to grinding halt.

The dogs had a haircut yesterday and are very clean and smart.

Here they are doing what they do best. Resting after their ordeal and the effort put into trashing the bed.

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