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Tuesday 16 November 2021


 Why do I have this compulsion to mess around? I have been several days trying to find an elegant solution to produce a model of a bit of curved brass with holes in. I could find no way of getting FreeCAD to do it. I know from previous experience that Fusion 360 can do it by creating a semi-cylinder, flatten it, pop the holes in and roll it up again. I can't get Fusion 360 to install, my internet here is crap again. I arrived back just after lunch today, soggy, greasy, back killing me and stinking of sheep. Having got polished up I decided to use Blender for the holiness. It only takes about thirty minutes to do this but it is a far from elegant solution.

If anyone wants to know how to do it feel free to ask. It's not difficult.
 I'm away tomorrow morning but after a siesta I'll do one with the right number of holes and make things the correct size. Hopefully next time you see this I'll have everything put together. It'll be a few days as I've installed a CAD positioning Add-On into Blender. It locates to stupid tolerances and once I get up to speed with all the shortcut commands will make CAD assembly equal that of Autodesk, possibly even Rhino.

This is what it looks like when installed. I was having a play with a sphere and cube. Didn't get too far or anywhere at all but there are a couple of HOWTODOITS on YouTube. I'll persevere for a bit, baffling stuff usually makes sense after a good dose of perseverance.

I see another Muzzie has been naughty in Liverpool. Actually he was a Christian but like most of us I suspect a Christian in name only. However most of us don't go round blowing folk up, some of the Irish do but we got acclimatised to those head bangers. Great work by the taxi driver, suss what's going on, drive to a safer place, jump out, flip the central locking, move to a safe distance and watch the fun. He needs a new taxi but I see he is well on the way to having enough cash for a fleet. Good on him.

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