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Friday 5 November 2021


 I had a couple of hours on the engine last night and am getting close to the really boring bit of creating a spread sheet. This will allow me to alter things like bore and stroke, any dimensions and all in the blink of an eye. If I do it properly it will then automatically update the Sketches and Parts. Realistically the chances of my doing it properly are close to zero.

This morning I went to Lidl and really scored. I got a big tray of stewing steak reduced to £3.60p, hang on I'll see how much it weighed. Just back from the rubbish bag.......750gm and it was £3.35p. I then got their sundry veg bag for a stew. It's now bubbling away and will last me three days. I stocked up on their thick cut Marmalade, good stuff and about £0.45p a jar, also their malted bloomers, nice bread and £0.90p a loaf. The real score was a veg box for £1.50. It would be good to be able to see these boxes before getting ones messages but they aren't that daft. I haven't bothered with a veg box for three weeks as they were full of crap. Today mine was brilliant. It contained. A bag of apples, they are Jaz which will do at a pinch but if not I'll bribe the horses with them. A bag of carrots, a packet of radishes, a packet of fresh basil, 4 off sweet corn, 2 large aubergine, 4 baking potatoes, a bag of baby potatoes, a big bag of sprouts, a packet of tiny cucumbers, a packet of miniature bell peppers and something weird that I can't identify. The latter looks in good nick so I'll try it in a cheese butty. I suspect it's a Jerusalem artichoke or the similar thing that tastes of aniseed, it doesn't smell of aniseed so I'll risk it.

It's a good job that the £1.50p boxes are usually a bit below par or I could see myself turning into a vegan. That would do my street credibility no end of harm.

Have good weekend.


  1. If you weren't so far away I'd come round and be your food taster. Not just bargains but useful ones to boot.

    1. I think all Lidl do the veg boxes. Well worth checking them.

  2. Sounds like we definitely need something similar to your sundry veggie box. Your percentage of a percentage challenge beat me but I'm still up to converting currency reasonably accurately. Believe me, I'd storm the supermarket aisles for a jar of marmalade for under 75c. Was so sorry to read about the demise of Ali. That's me being modern and using another word for the one I'm thinking. Noone or nothing just dies these days. I actually once misunderstood someone telling me her husband had departed and made a dunce of myself by asking what time he'd be back (it was him I was wanting to see). Take care.

    1. Pauline the veg boxes are always good value but not always worth having. The problem is that they are stacked up after the checkout so it's hard to see what one is getting.

      Calculating a percentage of a percentage is easy:

      Say 20% of 60%.
      20% can be written 20/100
      60% 60/100
      just multiply them together 20/100 x 60/100 = 1200/10000 = 12/100 = 12%