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Monday 15 November 2021



The above images are of a glass cylinder and the exhaust collector ring with its's manifold.

To present these as nicely and as interestingly as is possible. I first model them in FreeCAD, export them into Blender to apply materials, lighting and to render them. Then it's onto Photoshop for a quick polish. The bumpy bits are usually caused by the normals getting muddled up. I have recalculated them and in the second image I've tried to change the mesh to quads. No discernible difference.

The model out of FreeCAD looks fine but it's mesh is a horror show. It should be of constant volume from start to finish but I haven't checked. There is only so much aggravation one can handle at a time. I was going to contact Bloggers resident photographic expert but having him describe a strobe lit, front illuminated image as backlit and a panorama as an elongated image I'm rather glad I'm banned.

I also need to  model a semi-circular heat shield for this and have spent several hours trying to work out how to pop holes in it. There is no quick way in FreeCAD. I know there is in Fusion 360 so this morning I got onto AutoCAD and did all the registering and pleading for free use. It's available free for hobbyists. Several internet drop outs later I managed to get the ZIP. file so that I could set it up. No chance as my internet is far too slow. Probably just as well as it's cloud based so until EE get their finger out it would be a total waste of time.

I've been trying to do a post since Friday but it has taken over an hour to upload these few images. I wonder if they need a Batflu passport at EE. Wouldn't be surprised though according to a young couple who frequent the nightlife of Dunfermline, all one does is wave ones phone about and they let you in. Told her she will be responsible for the collapse of R-NHS. 

The collapse of the NHS is like the Maldives being inundated, it's threatened every year but never happens, whereas things like Paris being converted to a Venice lookalike in 1910 is ignored. Also ignored are the consequences of sea level rise on all the beachfront properties purchased by our betters and pontificators. 

Have fun, laugh with me. I've got a really good day tomorrow it's sheep foot trimming. I'm getting to the age when I'd let them out and chase them up and down the road. I wonder would that work? They are all fine at the moment, non are down on their knees but better to do it now in warm weather than leave it and have to do it when it's freezing. In other news the barley is fetching good money and next years fertiliser prices are up four times. We may direct drill spring barley so that will offset the diesel increase but hopefully not the price increase of grain.