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Saturday, 27 November 2021



I think this will do, it's a snowy scene and I'm not going to mess with it unless somebody doesn't recognise it is snowy. This is a PBR, (Physically Based Render) image that allows the scene to reflect, excuse the pun, changes in light. I can play with these for hours but as long as I don't see a repetitive pattern this will do for me just as long as it will do for you. The only light in this scene is from an HDRi image. (High Dynamic Range, the 'i' stands for intelligence.)

These are both Node based and fortunately I started messing with node editing years ago and am now reasonably confident with it.

This is what it looks like in Blender.

This is easy but I can remember thinking it very complicated. The image is 360° on the 'Z' axis but not as much on the 'X' and the 'Y' axis just tilts things. In this case I only wanted the sky so I can tilt the image on the 'X' so that only the sky appears in the camera view then animate the 'Z' to get moving clouds.
The snow is a real bundle of fun.
This does get a tad more complex, but is both logical and effective. If anyone is interested in creating images then there are dozens of tutorials on YouTube and when you get stuck or fed bullshit then ask and I'll help. I can put depth of field in but haven't yet as I have loads of stuff to add to this scene. This is sharp front to back which isn't very realistic it's the sort of result you got from a Box Brownie or now get from a cheap point and shoot camera, a phone or a not so cheap camera set on full auto.

Last night was a bit wild, Orkney, Lewis wild. A bit of an Elder tree fell on the van dislodging my air extractor cover. I had a hole in my roof about the back of ten, I ran out in my tracky bottoms to recover the cover. It was bloody freezio no snow so I came back in, checked the forecast for precipitation, there was non on the radar map so I said to myself and the dogs. Sod it, that's a job for tomorrow. All mended now, a fallen tree shifted from the glen road, ten minutes with a chainsaw and tele-loader and all is back to normal. It was a council tree but the devil drives etc. Couldn't face reporting it, waiting a week for half a dozen folk to wander out to measure it then waiting god knows how long for ten tree surgeons to shift it. Could see us having to buy second cars and make laybys either side of the tree.
 There are some big gaps in the surrounding forest. I'll go up tomorrow and get a snap or two of the desolation. Best have another meeting, COP27, how to stop wind or get trees to grow longer roots. Not that pine trees have a tap root anyway so I guess we'll have to ban them.

I hear we have a new variant. I miss heard and thought the French president had gone all Irish. O'Micron. It's  really named Omicron, deadly it is but a vaccine won't be available for a month. That should please politicians and the Stazi...Lock down for Christmas here it comes in 3...2...1. Big Pharma will be laughing. New boosters required, bet they have one sitting in the wings. Do they hell as like, they just have to print new labels.


  1. The lovely lefties are loving it.

    1. They are having a laugh with Omicron it's a anagram of moronic.

    2. Graham, that's a given, not that I know of anyone who will pay heed to the Diktats.