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Tuesday 9 November 2021


 I decided several days ago that this engine would look nice with a corrugated heat shield around the exhaust pipe. My muse has long since lost interest in her engine but I have decided it will teach me things I don't know. The young ones call it "Upskilling" possibly up skirting but either way it means they need a good learning or seeing to.

Today I wished I had never started on this as this bit is all curve based modelling, by curves I mean those of the Bezier persuasion. I used to be really fond of them but now understand Mark's reluctance to use them. They will not produce what we 3D folk call a ruled surface which in itself is of little use to man nor beast without further faffing with. It gets worse as I have to make a planer surface and use several datum surfaces to draw on. I know how to use datum planes and switch geometry between them. I thought I did. Bloody hell, bugger, sod this for a game of soldiers, I thought at times I'd more chance of shagging the Pope. Five hours and thrice that number of 'Belly Ups' and I knew I needed some 'Upskilling', that or a kick up the arse. I had a break, took the dogs out to see the sheep, came back through the forest where they sorted the squirrels and tried again.

It works.

I got a bit overexcited and had it wander in two dimensions but wriggly tin it is.

One of if not the only highlight of this pain in the arse is this.
This is called a Point Cloud, you can ask for more or fewer points but I left well alone. I did appreciate the coloured dots and the computer does as well.

All good insulators should be gold or ceramic. I did this in gold.
Not perfect but it is most definitely wriggly.

Can anyone confirm that Jacinda Arden's net worth is $25 million ? I suspect she has personally bred a Gold Cup winner. If not she is a bit bent or a bent bint.

Have fun.


  1. I have fun by reading your posts, most of which I don’t begin to understand. But I am pleased to have made your acquaintance nonetheless.

    As we say in the colonies, keep on keeping on.

    We are with you, in spirit at least.

    1. Thanks Bob. I now have this and a Christmas video on the go so keeping on isn't a problem.

  2. I'm pretty sure our Pollyanna would be far too slippery for her anything published about her net worth to be accurate. I've seen her net worth published as $10 million, so it's probably double that. We taxpayers part with over $470,000 a year to pay her wages. To be honest I don't care how much she's worth, I'd be happy if she just took her money and left.

    1. As long as she doesn't come back here that's fine with me.
      You do seem particularly blessed I see she has a colleague who appears to have mopped her chin with a wet newspaper.