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Monday 25 October 2010

DEJA VU (25/10/10/)

You must be getting heartily sick of dawn over Derwentwater. It won’t last but whilst it does I am addicted to  standing out there freezing to death and praying the camera battery doesn’t die on me. It really was cool this morning . The temperature inversion over the water providing more Will O’ The Wisps than yesterday but still not enough to produce a Lady bearing a sword. Perhaps it is just myth and legend………that really would be sad. On the other hand it could be just the wrong lake……that would be alright.

Two panoramas to get me started.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There’s not a breath of wind, it really is beautiful.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShould I live to be a hundred then I shall never forget this week it has been absolutely superb. Hopefully good enough to see me through the winter.

Just in case you think that I’ve gone nocturnal we were out yesterday afternoon and wandered up the lakeside. The path was so busy it had hiker jams…….they will have to think of installing rambler lights or making the route one way only. There is a path of sorts that follows the shoreline we took it and never saw another soul. That was a result and a half.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       A Scots Pine a few miles from it’s native country. I just notice I’ve got muck on the filter, sorry about that.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       The view looking up Borrowdale.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Derwentwater, Keswick and Skiddaw. They are forecasting rain later…….that’ll be a change.

That’s all for today, We will see what tomorrow sends our way.



  1. If you can stand it sure we can ;) (not having to wait out in the cold...) Beautiful views! My favourite I think the third one with the mist on the water.

  2. Glo, without being immodest it is gorgeous. It is a brilliant place to be. Difficult to foul up completely.

    DawnTreader, mine too, I should have taken the UV filter off it would have come out better. The trouble is exposures are long and the mist becomes fog. Forgot my gloves this morning so after an hour I was frozen digitally.

  3. Those opening shots are breathtaking, surely worth the cold and the early hour.

  4. Outstanding. Worth getting up early for. The shape of the lake threw me for a minute in pictures 1 & 2 until I recognised the skyline.
    Although it's a nice walk, all of the non hillwalkers I know view the Derwentwater shore walk as their number 1. I have been taken on this walk 3 times now.

  5. Jolynne, not that early, the cold sitting and waiting....the light changes by the minute....is worth it. I have thermals and big mitts...just not dug them out yet. back to warmish wet westerlies so more rain and gloom. That can be good too.

    J_on_tour, it is fantastic the play of light. Sorry about the panoramas. I had to free transform the stitched images to fill the canvas. Never ideal.

  6. Wonderful photo's again Adrian,I never tire of sun rise or sun set pictures and those of the lake and the mist are the best yet.

  7. Matron little to do with me the day was the best yet, I'm just lucky enough to be here.

  8. Adrian, these are just amazing pictures. Excellent.

  9. Great stuff Adrian. Lovely views and subtle sunrises, something which is lacking here at the moment. We get the occasional colourful sunset - though without the spectacular scenery.

  10. You have every right to be pleased. Surely the best landscapes you have done to date. I am very impressed with the early morning starts....

  11. Keith, thanks I'm enjoying this place.

    John, it won't last we will soon be back to horizontal rain. Almost a year ago the whole are was under feet of water. Not the summits of course.

    Trevor, thanks it's getting the mist that's hard. A long exposure doesn't work as it just all blends together. High ISO and I get horrendous noise something I hope Olympus will address in the E-5. I'll see as I'm meeting a rep from them on the twentieth of Nov. He may even know how to work the camera.

  12. I'm so thankful you are so hardy and get out there at that time of day (and in the cold) to bring us these shots. Those first three was just wonderful!

  13. Pauline, that's it though, pouring with rain here but it matters not, it can't dilute the fun I've had though it is doing it's best. Thank you.

  14. Thank you for sharing these very beautiful images!! They are misty and peaceful.

  15. Linda, it was a gorgeous morning. Hard to get a bad shot. Thank you.