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Friday, 8 October 2010

O IDEE BUNA (08/10/10)

Yesterday was a shopping, washing and cooking day. It was also the best day for ages, more like spring than autumn.

The title is  Romanian for ‘A Good Idea’ as a small thank you to WIND. He did a much better job than I did but nevertheless I like the effect.

These images were shot in Barnard Castle whilst waiting for Morrisons to open.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Coach and Horses………….No I haven’t been in………………Not that I recall anyway.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This one didn’t work out so well but one can’t win them all……………..I can’t obviously.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Back to normal or as near normal as I’m ever likely to get.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is just over half the house once occupied by the world famous Sir Roderick Murchison……….Don’t remember him on X Factor. He was a bit before the latter's time but indeed accomplished a fair amount……………………..


That’s all for today, we are off to Lincoln first thing tomorrow to visit the National Ploughing Championships. The forecast is favourable lets just hope it’s accurate.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s not promising today, we are enveloped in low cloud, fog, mist, call it what you like. Depressing is what I call it. Good for webs, though I couldn’t locate a good web.

Have a good weekend whatever you are up to.


  1. Nice set of Barney pictures here again Adrian and I see where you are coming from with the first few after I saw Winds album the other day. I can't believe I didn't spot the church through the fountain. I have been inspired by yourself twice now to publish my set next after I finish the Scottish tour photos. I was worried that one of them was going to be the same but it's not quite. Don't think I've come across Rods house yet !!

  2. J on Tour, I believe it's called colour popping. I like it. The fountain wants re shooting and even without the cars an awful lot of street furniture cloning out. Rod's house is next to Morrisons and again difficult to get a clean shot of.

  3. You must have an inner alarm clock to break Morrisons to it, I suspect it would have something to do with Alfie. Good pictures, all of them.

  4. Bob, it's one of life's trials I can't sleep. But here they don't open till eight.... Hardly the crack of dawn.

  5. Interesting effects with the colours Adrian; quite like the tub of flowers.

  6. I like the tub of flowers, too. I see this effect a lot in wedding photos these days and often it just looks silly. To this untrained eye, that is! I also like how the colour draws the eye to the Coach and Horses.

  7. Hi Adrian.
    Very nice photographs with some interesting effects. I like the first two the best with the Church edging it.

  8. Keith, my least favourite, takes aan hour out of a wet day.

    Pauline, I thought after I'd processed them the only practical use would be Estate agents advertising. Can't say I think it would suit a wedding.

    Trevor, I prefer the church but it looked good anyway with the early sun illuminating it.

  9. Hey, good morning!
    I could not believe when I first saw the title in Romanian! Ha ha...I thought that Mr. Google did it again (some sort of automatic- partial translation)
    Anyway... Many thanks for your other blog also to my friend from Spain, Anafrera with your good idea in changing images!
    A lot of fun!
    Wonderful images and lovely place on your blogs!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Well, I forgot!
    A tip, in case you don't already use!
    If you spread water on the spider web, very small, tiny drops with a sprayer, you can have the same effect!
    Have fun!

  11. Wind, Mr Google did do it probably not accurately.
    Thanks it kept me out of mischief on a wet morning.
    I carry a spray bottle of dilute glycerine. A life saver or picture saver!

  12. Yes, it is a perfect translation Adrian!
    ...poor spiders...glycerine? ha ha good meal for Sundays!
    Did I tell you that my favorite pet is a tarantula? Brachypelma Smiti Redkneed
    You can see here:

    Ha ha
    Best regards from Romania!

  13. Unusual and very effective technique. I like it.

    Murchison in NZ would be doing well to be described as a town. It's very popular for water sports as it sits on the Buller River but my memory tells me that it was very small.

  14. GB it is easy to do, next wet day I'll do a seeing to.
    Lets just hope his waterfall on the Nile is bigger and better then.