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Thursday 28 October 2010


We are back in Stockton on Tees if you would like to see a map click HERE. The site is jam packed full so we can only stay a couple of nights…….every cloud has a silver lining. I will return when the children are back at school. Portrack nature reserve is next door. There did not seem to be much about this morning but we will have another look when it's quieter.

I went out as it was getting light to shoot traffic trails of the vehicles crossing the river Tees on the A19 bridge. Not a great success as the bridge is a bit too far away. Still I’ll share what I got.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Portrack Marsh in the foreground the A19 road bridge and somewhere on the horizon the most distinctive hill for miles. It also has a grand name Roseberry Topping………sounds  like a brand of instant blancmange.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Middlesbrough by night. There is beauty everywhere. There is also plenty of frost

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The structure breaking the horizon is Middlesbrough Newport Bridge built in 1911 and it used to carry the railway I believe…maybe it still does, it’s a lifting bridge and it is down every time I see it.

We came back in only slightly delayed by the dogs creeping off rabbiting whilst I was concentrating on focus and exposure. Little devils, took me twenty minutes to locate them. Amazing how quiet they can be when it suits. What’s more they failed in their quest so I had to feed them when we got back……….more expense!

I think I may have a serious illness, known only to half the population………..Man Flu, well I have a headache and with a little effort managed a couple of sneezes and I’m sure with a bit more concentration I could rustle up a runny nose. I’m being brave. We set out on an exploratory stroll to the Infinity Bridge, just above the Tees Barrage. It’s a nightmare at the moment as they are rebuilding the slalom canoe course. Why? For the 2012 Olympics…….thought they were in London? Oh well! I am sure it will be nice when finished.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Some bridge, at night it is illuminated and casts a reflection in the river. it looks like a lemniscate or infinity sign or a figure of 8 flipped ninety degrees. This was not commissioned to commemorate anything but purely to stop folk getting their feet wet crossing the river. I like that.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I also like the bridge, it’s a bit of whimsy, it supposedly connects a Durham university campus with a technology park. They have not got round to the technology park bit. Not to worry it saves wear and tear on the bridge and one day they will.

I was going out again this evening to shoot it in all it’s glory but it is blowing half a gale and rain is forecast so it will have to await another day.

No idea where we will be tomorrow. You, like I will have to see.


  1. wow amazin shots, especial the first serie for me

  2. What a wonderful bridge, I have never seen a bridge like that.

  3. I seem to recollect that they welded Newport bridge in the down position a few years ago, which I think was a great shame ... fine piece of heavy engineering.

  4. Great shots. That footbridge is an amazing looking thing. Sorry to the "smoggies", but I never realised that Teesside was so photogenic !! ...even if it is sunset silhouettes. I'm more used to travelling over the first bridge at 70mph going to North York Moors. Must see if I can stop on the way back next time if the sky looks good.

  5. Nice looking bridge that Adrian. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Terrific bridge. It looks a bit like a funpark ride.

  7. Bridges, one of my favourite subjects. We have such a wide variety of styles here in County Durham. I find beauty in industrial sites too. Beautiful photos Adrian - they would make fantastic postcards.

  8. Don't see many of the old cooling towers these days. When you stand at the bottom of one you realise just what immense structures they are.

    The 2nd photo gives the appearance that the place is on fire - great atmosphere - you are becoming the 21stC Turner with your night photography.

    Fascinating design of the bridge. Very space age appearance.

  9. Laura, thank you I like low light photography, plenty of room foe error without it being too obvious.

    Bob, the North east has lots of superb modern bridges and several older ones. A good area for bridges.

    Phil it is, I want to have an hour or so round it. Seems a bit drastic to weld it. Can imagine welding it up but gravity should see it stay down.

    j_on_tour, it is a dawn job really. I like the area. If I look behind the mess then it can produce some images.

    Trevor, There are many beautiful and amazing bridges spanning the Yyne and the Tees.

    Pauline, it does but it is a work of art and fun, it doesn't actually go any where well it goes over the Tees.

    Lesley, Yes a good area for bridges.....Postcards of Teesside? I look at the world through rose tinted specs but postcards is pushing credibility a little.

  10. John, thanks. Turner is pushing a bit I can just about manage a roller and emulsion. I like night photography. I don't actually go out at night but at dawn or dusk with a 2 stop grad filter camera on manual and usually start -2ev it;s easier to rescue shadow than it is highlights. I will have to do a series bridges of the North East they have some beauties.

  11. Interesting looking bridge. I like that.
    Hope the man flu doesn't get worse; a few tots of whisky should help.

  12. Keith it is a good bridge. I have given up worrying about the flu. Nice to see one sympathetic human out there. Obviously a rare breed.

  13. Greetings Adrian,
    I always enjoy bridge shots, and I love how you composed each of this spectacular piece of art! Wonderful sent ,thanks for sharing! I hope you feel much better soon!

  14. Linda, thank you, I will recover. It is a beautiful bridge.

  15. Ok...I have never understood the engineer's mind!
    ...and their way to manage the project for bridges!
    I imagine one million calculations ...!
    Anyway....the result is amazing!
    Please have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Wind, It is amazing and many more than a million calculations I suspect it would have been uneconomic before computers. Maybe not I believe Concorde was the last major engineering feat that relied upon draughtsmen and engineers for it's design.