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Monday 18 October 2010

I’M IN HEAVEN (18/10/10)

We left Tan Hill this morning and drove via Keswick to the bottom of Derwentwater. I will do a map but will give you a last glimpse of sunrise over Bowes moor first.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Our going away present………….not brilliant but better than average. This isn’t a true panorama…. I just cropped the rubbish out.


image    It is a wonderful site, set in mixed woodland a five minute walk to the lake and the light is wonderful. Today it is, tomorrow will be different………….it will be raining harder.

As is my practice we had a quick wander out with the camera and dogs and I was pleasantly surprised. Okay we got wet but the change in light was never ending. I’ll just post these as Derwentwater bottom end.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Molly and Alfie…. how long does it take to work a camera?…..Just get a move on you anorak…………..We have sniffs to sniff whilst you are prating about.

PA187490_1_2_tonemapped_edited-1  Worth waiting for.

All these are exposure blended the last HDR and dodged and burned. As I said it’s foul weather country but heaven.

I’m one lucky man I hope you all have a week as good as my afternoon.

As you will have realised we have internet here what a bonus. Or not depending whether you are into this drivel.


  1. That last picture is stunning Adrian. A real belter!

  2. Keith, thanks difficult to work in rain but I like it.

  3. Fantastic last picture of Castle Crag (my Lakes opener in the summer), maybe I should spend more time waiting for shots like this rather than feeling the need to climb it. Nice peaceful spot you've chosen to stay, great time of year for the colours...and the luck of having internet reception. I hope there's not too much of the downside.. meeting the round the Lake car tourists travelling in the opposite direction!

  4. It is a brillliant sight, and you always catch it right, magnificence show.

  5. Wish I was up there. Great shots.

  6. Lovely landscape, and the light in the last one is fantastic.

  7. I love the one with Molly and Alfie.... it's exquisite, bless them! :D Glorious scenery Adrian.... but I have to say, what a life those two little pooches have, with fresh territory to explore and new daily adventures! They are two lucky little doggies. :)

  8. Gorgeous! Now you`re in my neck of the woods. Wonderful scenery - the photo of the two dogs glancing back at you is priceless, and the crepuscular rays are heavenly, indeed. Looking forward to more photos as you enjoy this location. As an aside, I stayed at the Keskadale B&B in the Newland Valley when last up in those parts. Wonderful working farm.

  9. The last picture IS stunning, Adrian. Also like the one with 'Looking South' written under it.

  10. Now I am really really envious. I spent so much of my youth in the Lake District after it became popular but before every walk and car parking space was too crowded for comfort. As I scan my old photos there will be more and more appearing! I'm looking forward to your next series of posts even more than usual.

  11. J_on_Tour,I spent several years crashing across the fells and climbing it's a rare person who can combine that and taking pictures. Now I have to limit the walking so have the time to sit and stare. It is a grand place, I walked down here in February from Keswick and it's been on the list since. A bit like threading a needle getting the truck through Grange but no damage to either.

    Bob, this scene happened twice so after another shower I was ready. Snow forecast so things could liven up a bit more.

    Trevor, thanks. I'm determined to get at least one good shot a day. Time will tell.

    Dawntreader, it is a fantastic area. Makes life easier.

    Lesley, they do and although it can be a pain having them sometimes for the most part they are good company. The trouble starts when they get to know an area. Molly in particular pleases herself which walk to go on.

    Glo,Thanks, I'll look up the Newland valley. I'll be back in the lakes on and off through the winter.

    Emma, I wish I could take all the credit but the light was wonderful yesterday afternoon.

    GB, it is one of my favourite places. If I'm up and out early then I have it to myself.

  12. That last shot is just brilliant. A lesson in patience! The Lake District has always had a romantic ring to it to me. Don't know why. Probably read some soppy poem about it as a child. Your photos live up to my expectations!

  13. Pauline thanks, it is a romantic area. We are just waiting for daylight and then it's off out again.

  14. Yes, heaven !
    I love this time in autumn, even if here in Romania is cold and rain!
    But lucky me, I have internet and I can see your colored autumn!

  15. Wind, it is a bit cold and damp here but beautiful.