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Tuesday 19 October 2010

THE TREES, THE TREES. (19/10/10)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    It must be getting time to put the clocks back we seemed to be sitting around for hours this morning before it was light enough to go out. The hotel above is adjacent to the Lodore Falls. This is a project for a day when we have had some rain. Well we have rain every day and most hours of every day but just showers. I’ve spent ages with the spot healing brush as I collected a couple of drops on the lens and failed to notice.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These two images were taken on what is normally our ante breakfast walk, it was post breakfast today as I got hungry waiting.

We came back fed the dogs and wandered down the foreshore.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This was where the Red Squirrel went, quite where I'm not sure. It matters not as I had the wrong lens on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   It didn’t stop me bumbling about gaze traversing the canopy whilst tripping over tree roots……….No I didn’t fall over!……Nor did I stumble into a bog!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      This weather is unbelievable, it almost feels like summer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Just another corner, I’m getting blasé.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   This is looking down Borrowdale. They have spent some serious money here on posh plastic pavement. In some respects I would rather have wet feet as it encourages walkers who without the duck boarding would be elsewhere.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   We stopped in this little cove to wash the dogs. Molly in particular as she had disgraced herself by rolling on a long dead fish. From what I could deduce from its remains it looked like a Perch a very smelly Perch.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I’ll leave you with this a Red Squirrel. I’ll put it some nuts out and try and coax it closer. It wandered past the van as I was downloading today's efforts. By the time I had changed lenses and replaced the memory card it was getting out of range. Odd how things never wander closer. There must be a law governing such behaviour in animals.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a stroll up Cat Bells, weather permitting, so let us hope for some aerial views of Derwent Water.


  1. So, you found the Red Squirrel then, charming isn't it. The rest of your pictures are miraculous.

  2. Bob, the second this year for me. They are delightful. Odd I spent a good ten minutes trying to find the first one. Then when you are least expecting it one wanders by.

  3. Wonderful!
    Magical places, colors...everything !
    Well, Thursday I will be in Vienna, Austria...
    There will be better weather then here...I hope!
    Maybe I will find the real autumn! Like yours!

  4. So it was definitely a Perch. Not a Rod or a Pole then?

    I spent many many holidays at Riggside in Grange-in-Borrowdale and then we spent out honeymoon there too. Mind you wildlife had a lot to answer for even then - Carol fell and sprained her ankle whilst pointing out a Mistle Thrush. You don't see many of them nowadays.

    Boardwalks!!! Really? What's wrong will gettingh one's feet wet? Or staying away!

  5. Congratulations on your red squirrel picture, I can count on one hand the number I have seen far less photograph them.
    I remember walking around the lake with 3 friends years ago (not my idea at the time) and having to cross the southern side of Derwentwater on old duckboards that seemed to have been there for decades... a very shaky and nervy experience...this plastic path in the nearby area may resolve this, but hey, I'd rather have something more natural...shame. J

  6. I love the photo with the plastic path, despite the path. Although I'd much prefer to see a natural one. Why do people feel the need for the artificial in a natural environment?

  7. Wind, thank you. I hope the colours are beautiful for you.

    GB, it may have been a Rod....... definitely not a Pole they are plumbers, engineers and excellent Fighter Pilots......It didn't have a moustache...Think I'm daft?
    It's the problem here you wouldn't get me within twenty miles in summer, valley bottoms are wall to wall people.

    J_on_tour, second or third reasonable picture of a Red this year. There are lots of them here so will settle down and try for some better pictures later in the week.
    The plastic path actually has little lay-by type things on it, passing places for wheel chairs I hope if they are for those wretched mobility scooters and the maniacs that drive them then things are in a sorry state.

    Pauline, It is recycled plastic. This area is small and the demands made on it almost impossible to reconcile. Not perfect but if it saves wear and tear on the natural marsh either side of it I suppose it's the best of a bad job.

  8. hello! i see beautiful captures on your blog! congratulations!

  9. Costea, thank you for looking I'm glad you enjoyed.

  10. Looks to be lovely scenery there Adrian. I should imaging the plastic path will help to stop erosion as more and more feet tramp the countryside.
    Great to see the Red Squirrel. Good luck coaxing it closer to the camera.

  11. That view of Borrowdale is stunning Adrian.; and a long while since I've seen a Red. Nice one!

  12. The photos are gorgeous Adrian. How wonderful to see a red Squirrel! The Autumn sunshine on the trees is spectacular. I wish it was a bit warmer in our house.... it's actually warmer outside!

  13. Keith, second printable photo this year for me. I know, with the footpaths they are between the devil and the deep blue. Even the high fells now have made up paths.

    Lesley it is fantastic here, if it's warmer out camp. Hope the move goes well.