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Sunday 17 October 2010

WHAT A SURPRISE (17/10/10)

We arrived at Tan Hill yesterday lunchtime and after settling in and a swift pint we went out for a wander in the mist and light rain. By heck it’s a bit on the cool side up here. By the time I had finished messing around it was time for tea or supper depending where one hails from. I looked out just before dusk and the stars were out and it was a lovely clear night. We messed about for a while shooting star trails. None were any good it was a touch breezy for that job.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI took this picture of the Tan Hill Inn and suddenly realised that a beer was in order. Three beers to be honest. Then to bed.

Out at first light this morning, the dawn was  nothing to get excited about but a bit of a shock to see frost and ice everywhere.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEven the ducks were waddling around inspecting this phenomena. Though why they are surprised living one thousand seven hundred feet above sea level I don’t know.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I had the heating on in the camper……….some hardy souls braving it in tents………….Brrrr!!

After breakfast, cooked it being a Sunday, there’s only so much healthy food one can stomach per week. We set off to get some pictures of Grouse.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  We got another picture of the pub but although I could hear the grouse we never got within range. Wary things, you would be too if every other time you popped your head up somebody with more money than sense tried to blow it off.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You can see for miles from up here it is a grand place on a day like today.

When the pub quietens down this evening I will try for some interior shots of what must rank as one of the wackiest pubs in the country……………..It is the highest so lack of oxygen may be a factor.

Tomorrow we are off to the Lake District so with a bit of luck may get some autumn colours reflected in still water. On the other hand we may end up in howling gales and torrential rain. We’ll see.


  1. Hi Adrian: Are you planning to come into Northumberland? I've been trawling backwards through your pieces that I missed when not blogging. All excellent.

  2. It really is a wilderness up there, isn't it! The people in the tents were brave souls indeed as the temperature during the night was -2. I love the first view Arian, with the starry background.

  3. Ah, the pub. Those poor humans that they have to go and live in a tent!!!! I look forward towards your trip to the Lake District.

  4. I really like those bare hills. What color!

  5. Some nice shots showing that we are marching through the seasons. I've never been here before, but I'd imagine it's a cold place.
    I once did a long "unhealthy bad for the heart" walk on the North York Moors just south of Guisborough. Every 10 minutes I would get a shock as yet another grouse was disturbed and flap away noisily ...I would've gladly used a gun that day !!

  6. Hi Adrian. Never been to that pub but I have read about it. I found the Red Grouse very easy to find and saw plenty around the top parts of the Yorkshire Dales especially the mountain pass roads. Never saw a Black Grouse though. Enjoy the Lakes...I wish I was up that way.

  7. Emma yes I'll be up there sometime over the winter and thanks.

    Lesley, it is grand up here one of my favourite places.

    Bob, you will probabley have to wait a week as internet is a bit hit and miss in the Lakes.

    Jolynne, they are beautiful in the early light.

    J_on_Tour, they are noisy beggars but attractive birds.

    Trevor, It's easy enough to find the Red Grouse there are hundreds of them. Near impossible to get a photograph I found. I;ll do my best to have a good time. Thanks.

  8. I was surprised that the roads round here had been salted Sat / Sun night. All it did was make dry roads damp as it absorbed the moisture from the air.

  9. John, we didn't have the luxury of grit but could have done with some.

  10. A few more characteristically excellent and interesting shots. I expect the grouse can't tell the difference between someone trying to shoot them with a gun or a camera.

  11. GB, I suspect that if i built a hide and put food out I would manage a picture or two. They are off like lightening and are well camouflaged so difficult to spot in the heather.

  12. Got distracted when looking at this post the other night and forgot to come back.
    You Poms must be a hardy lot - camping out in weather like that! At least it's not far to walk for a warming drop. That pub looks such a welcome sight out there. Love the colours in those last two shots.

  13. Pauline, it was colder on Everest and it was a mad Kiwi that was first up there. It is a superb place but can be very bleak and cold.