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Wednesday 13 October 2010

UP UP AND AWAY (13/10/10)

The lord smiles on the righteous and the devil looks after his own. We went out to the lakes only to find the camera battery was flat. Not a problem I’ll delve into my camera bag for my spare battery. Oh! Bother! The spare battery that should have been charging Saturday night…………That’s the one! So two flat batteries. No pictures today then. Could have been but as they said on Blue Peter Here are some I did earlier in this case just after breakfast.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       What can this be?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The circus coming to town or a giant bouncy castle?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Whatever it has a humungous picnic hamper and the largest patio heaters I’ve ever come across. A couple of big fans to keep one cool so all mod cons.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA That’s what it is. A giant balloon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Being blown full of cold air……………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Until it’s full………………………

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Then a few bursts of flame soon warm the air and……………..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It rises slowly and majestically allowing the passengers to embark.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    That’s it……………….Up Up and Away/

So it’s the lakes and woods tomorrow. Batteries are charging away as I type.


  1. Wow!
    I missed this again!
    I think that it is a brethless experience!
    To fly in silance... slowly, to see the baloon's shadow on the field, following you... mama mia!
    Wonderful post, Adrian.
    Anyway, not so silent I think!
    Best regards from Romania!

  2. Really good series of pictures. I've never seen that up close. (And I'd never dare go up in one.) Those last photos are really good, I wouldn't have thought the fire would show so well against the red balloon.

  3. Great series of suspenseful pictures, I have some Balloon pictures that I took last summer that I'll have to find time and an excuse to put on !!
    I saw recently that there was a new style basket with a clear base in it... not for the faint hearted !!

  4. Really great, away they go. I would have been good at that sport, dare I say it, I can't do it now. (Big coward).

  5. :-) I have recognize it from the first shot, really a great sequence

  6. A great story in pictures! Now we need the shots from "up there"!

  7. Your narration is such a great accent to your series of photos. I saw my first ballon inflation and flying this summer. http://beyondmygarden.blogspot.com/2010/09/not-in-nature.html
    Nothing like it, right?

  8. I've always wanted a ride on one of those. Great pix!

  9. Wind it is a great experience. I've not flown for years but was tempted.

    Lucy, I doubt it but was tempted. An early morning flight over the Lake District appeals.

    Dawntreader, wouldn't it look superb in the dark.

    J_on_Tour, suspended pictures. Photogenic things are hot air balloons.

    Bob. I bet you could. You could get a birds eye view of the birds make a change from a Bob's ete view.

    Laura thanks. Difficult to fool ladies.

    Pauline, I'll work on it, probably mean a diet of stale bread for a month though.

  10. Jolynne, they are good tyhe ride is wind free and very peaceful....Landings are controlled or less controlled crashes depending on how lucky you are.
    Like your choice of five words I'll keep them if you don't mind. Your comment feed is firing me towards Facebook, Twitter etc. I don't do those.

    Beyond the Garden, thank you, I'll pop off for a look now.

  11. I didn't know the baskets had compartments. I suppose it stops Corporal Jones rushing round shouting 'Don't panic!' The mind boggles at what the small square holes in the side are for.

    A flight must give spectacular views but I prefer to stay in contact with terra firma.

  12. John, the small ones don't have compartments. It is like packing sheep or cattle in a lorry jam folk in tight and then when it crashes, the balloonists insist on referring to the crash as a landing, no one gets hurt. The little square holes are steps. I'll have you know this is a family blog.......most of the time. I can see why you were confused a higher and lower hole just like the gents in Tesco.

  13. Wonderful way to get to see things. I see them all the time where I live in NZ but whenever I've tried to go up in one the weather's not been kind. As you say, though, it's not a cheap experience so it might never happen now given the parlous state of the £ against the NZ$.

  14. GB they are a good platform for photography but sorting a takeoff site upwind of ones objective and a landing site downwind of is all a logistical nightmare. I would love a helicopter for an hour over the Lake District Early morning. That requires three like minded people to split the cost.