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Sunday 24 October 2010


It is a magnificent day here on the shore of Derwentwater. We were out in time to see the dawn, a light frost on the ground and mist rising from the lake. Not quite enough of it but in the romantic mood I was in I was dreaming of The Lady of the Lake. The Arthurian one……Excalibur, Merlin and Lancelot. Not that twaddle by Sir Walter Scott. The latter would fill posts from now to doomsday and I’d have far fewer readers than I do now……if any at all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The moon was setting behind Maiden Moor. This is two images both shot this morning but I took one for the moon and one for the background cut the moon out and plonked it in here. Pretty much as it appeared to me but not at all how it appeared to the camera.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  There is a slight wispy mist on the water………..obviously not enough as there was not a sign of any  sword bearing maidens.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   It’s almost dawn the first of the sun catching the clouds swirling around the summit of Blencathra and reflecting in the lake.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA brilliant stroll before breakfast. We are off out again but so will be hoards of others. Not to worry it’s a good day no matter what happens now.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



  1. That moon seems to have been all over the world in the last couple of days ;) well, I guess it has!

    Lovely sunrise pictures!

  2. Dawntreader. You are right there. Tonight is forecast clear again so it may well appear here again tomorrow. It was a grand morning so difficult to make a complete hash of it.

  3. Magical pictures indeed, and a very appropriate title.
    That last shot is a cracker!

  4. So beautiful landscapes, I couldn't stop to watching :) Thank you for your visit on my blog and so nice comments :) With my best wishes :)

  5. From your photos I can see why people love to visit that area. Great dawn shots.

  6. A lovely bunch of the waters, if I can use it.

  7. Brilliant Adrian. You are certainly pulling the stops out. What a wonderful place for photography.
    Ahhh!! Morte d'Arthur...hope I have it right.Alfred Lord Tennyson.
    I also find Scott difficult.

  8. Hello Adrian!
    Good to see your landscapes!
    Really amazing colors...and that Moon...wonderful!
    Here in Vienna no Moon ,no Sun only mist and cold!

  9. I think The Lady of the Lake was on your shoulder. Can feel that she is very close.
    Beautiful photos!

  10. A great album here at the right time of day. I need inspiration like this to push myself and fight the clock.

  11. Keith,Aye not often the reflection is clearer than the subject. It was misty but suspect I may have breathed near the filter. tales ages to clear on a cold morning.

    w drodze, than you.

    Bob, this water does actually flow south to north so it could be a lovely bunch of flowers.

    Trevor, It's hard to resist going out when it's like this. Tennyson it is, Scott is hopeless. Don't know how he became popular.

    Wind, sorry you are not getting our weather. tou deserve some good light.

    Pauline, it's a grand spot which makes life easy. She is there somewhere.

    j_on_tour, the clock is cooperative at the moment. June and 0330h starts are the horrors.

  12. What makes your shots even more endearing to me is that they are not the 'usual' shots one gets of the Lakes. In fact I've probably been drooling over those for longer than I've looked at any photos for a while. I have found them producing a very emotional response in me. Must be the time of the month.

  13. GB, thank you very much. It means a lot. I don't want to come across as a pretentious clown but I am really enjoying my hour by the lake in a morning. It must show through in all the little pixels,