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Tuesday 26 October 2010

I’M A LUNATIC (26/10/10)

I feel I should not be posting these as it might make me look slightly mad.  Never stopped me posting before so here goes….. Ladieees and Gentlemennn………….I Give You The MOON!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    I have had Photoshop Elements 9 since the day it was released and for the first time they have offered layer masks to us paupers. They always did but you had to steal a mask from the adjustment layers and fiddle about.

Today having got soaked before breakfast, got soaked after breakfast, got damp at lunch time and soaked again on our pre dusk walk I thought I would have a play. These are both two photographs blended, the following one has about the same level of artistic merit but far less competence in it’s execution……Does my moon look big in these…..Nah! course not!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The first went reasonably well, encouraged by this I got over ambitious…Technology maketh not the man……..Who said that? Not Bill Gates! That’s for sure. Must have been me just now!  I’m barking at the moon. There is an old clichéd expression.’ Aim for the moon and you will hit the stars’…………can’t be right …….’Aim for the stars and you will hit the moon.’ That’s it. On this showing I’ll be lucky to make cloud base. Cloud base being about twice my six foot four inches.

The other project for today has been to capture rain. I have, after exhaustive trials with second curtain flash at all powers, decided it requires another experiment or six this evening. This will be bulb exposure and off camera flash on manual……………You think you have problems course you do, everyone does, many have real problems. Good job I’m mad. I have opportunities.

We are off to Stockton tomorrow, hopefully to capture magnificent images of overwintering and migrating birds. If that fails then there are some rare sights to be seen on Asda’s car park.


  1. I've seen all kinds of things up Blencathra before, but this has to be a first. Looks like it's about to roll off in between two of the ridges. I can see this picture sitting nicely in the window of that mystical shop in Lake road Keswick or... behind the counter in my local indian takeaway !!

  2. An interesting project, Adrian. I like the first picture best, I think.

  3. You do sound like you might be high on something. At least high enough to get that close to the moon. In the second one it looks a bit too creepy for my liking but the rest of the shot is lovely in that light.

  4. The first one is so atmospheric! It's the sort of thing that would be ideal for the cover of a vampire novel. The second photo is sort of new-agey and very pretty. You're so clever!

  5. When I stop laughing I'll comment!!

  6. J_on_tour, I thought it a little strange, the moon rising in the north. Let the Indians have it, perchance they need a laugh too.

    Emma, I will have to practise but it is fun on a wet day.

    Pauline, I added the light as well but first I took it away. The shot was taken in daylight. Passes the time.

    Lesley, I'm not clever just bored. If you like this sort of thing then I'll find some websites where the real artists hang their work. I find some of it superb.

    Bob, not magic......maybe in the Tommy Cooper genre.

    Keith I do but It wants much more work, thanks.

    GB, it was supposed to be serious. I decided I wanted to be an illustrious......sorry illustrator.

    Jolynne, that has saved some writing you can share his reply. A driving and shopping day today so see you tomorrow.

  7. So, that is the explanation I can't find the Moon in Romania!
    It is in Photoshop or in your photo!
    What about Black Sea? ha ha
    Wonderful, Adrian!
    See you soon!

  8. What a pair. Superb images Adrian.

  9. Wind, thanks, I ca copy you the moon and send it over. That's the beauty of pixels.

    Trevor, have a few ideas to develop this theme. They can wait for the next rainy day. Thanks, you are very kind.

  10. Who am I to argue with the title ;)
    The first worked pretty well as the tree keeps the perspective but in the second the Moon appears too close. An interesting experiment none the less

    Good luck with your rain drops.

  11. I love the first one a lot with its deep rich color of black and blue and how the moon sits peacefully with trees.....They are both truly magical Adrian! Great creativeness!

  12. Linda I'm glad you enjoyed. Goes to show that even driving rain can have an upside.