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Friday 22 October 2010


I hope that got your attention……..I’m in trouble….. No pictures.

I took the cab into town as there is only so much porridge, tuna, rice and couscous I can stand. I also had a parcel to post, the value of it’s content being about a third of what it has cost to despatch it.

Looking out from the van window…my hide…… I have been putting nuts down in a couple of locations with a nice backdrop. Three things I want, some definitive pictures of, a Red Squirrel, a Jay, a Magpie and what do I get ……the fattest Wood Pigeon in England and it crawled, belly dragging, behind some autumnal Docks…….Not lost my sense of humour…. Entirely……..the docks are dead really but so are the leaves I Oooo and Arghhh about.

(I’m into the second kilo of nuts and am a little worried as they feed the birds here but as far as I know not after the first of November when the site closes.)

Kewick is a town overwhelmed by it’s location. There are some excellent shops selling outdoor clothing but for every one there are three or four rip off merchants selling tat. I find it confusing, I really need a new pair of winter walking trousers but when faced with a range in price from twenty pounds to near two hundred the purchase becomes a chore not worth pursuing.

Into Booths an excellent supermarket, prices a bit steep for a Yorkshireman but quality is what matters, venison tonight, chicken tomorrow, and chicken liver as a warm pate Sunday.

I’ll post some pictures whilst I await the elusive birds and squirrels. Just got the Magpie bum on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   If I spread my wings I know I’ll crash, I wish birds could burp….daft beggar putting all those nuts down at once! The thief….the Wood Pigeon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Bit dark for our constitutional dad……Just get on with it…………..I’ve to go to Keswick.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Go I did as you know. The Market Hall, Court, Prison it’s been a few things but is now the tourist information centre. It is also a bit of a fake as most of it was reclaimed from an island in Derwentwater……that sort of place is Keswick.

That sort of place is the Lake District we now have kids on scooters and mothers and fathers, so we can forget the wild life pictures…………..Could perhaps shoot snaps of the parents………Nah! Not pretty enough. Here to finish off is the Magpie.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Stealer of my nuts. Along with the pigeon…..little devils!

Just one of those days…………………….Have a wonderful weekend…….we will and if we have to suffer this weekend then I just hope it rains and pours and torrents on the noisy beggars next door.


  1. That's one fat bird. Looks like he can survive the whole winter on what he's got stored up, thanks to you.

  2. Yes Keswick ain't wot it used to be when I were a lad. Then you could park in the main street and even back the car into a lamp post if you had a mind to. CJ and I've been several times in the last few years. I think we keep thinking it'll be like it was. Heaven knows why. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Bob, cheers you no doubt have Jays to spare. It's not funny with bird food the price it is.

    Jolynne, it really is fat as the weather is mild again it can fly but only just and not far.

    GB it is not. I would have thought that the planning authority would put a limit on shops selling virtually the same stuff. The cheap ones semm to go bust at regular intervals.

  4. The Wood Pigeons can be a real pain. I have one that just sits on the ground feeder keeping other birds away even when it is not eating.

  5. John, that's an understatement was giving thought to trading in the olympus for a twelve bore.