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Wednesday 6 October 2010

A WALK IN THE PARK (06/10/10)

This morning didn’t sound at all promising, heavy rain rattling on the van roof and wind rocking the truck. We all got back for breakfast damp and dishevelled. To be honest the dogs seem not to notice.

By nine o’clock the sun was out so we set off for a walk round Lartington Hall Park and a look at Grotto Wood. We found the wood with no difficulty but never saw a grotto. We did see some rather wonderful trees. A beautiful spreading Chestnut which no matter how I tried was disappointing as an image and this half alive Oak…..think positive……………

PA067122_1_0_tonemapped_edited-1  All this park needs to set it off properly are some Deer, if there are any then we didn’t see them and Molly is particularly adept at deer spotting despite her lack of stature.

PA067131_30_29_tonemapped_edited-1   This small pond provided one of the few images of the stroll and these young beasts made up the balance of today's pictures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These are Galloways……….Actually they are Belted Galloways as they have the white belt around their middles. This is the preferred breed of Galloways especially with the nights drawing in………They are much easier to locate in the Dark!



  1. Looks a lot finer than my walk in the Outer Hebrides today (in the rain). Fantastic sunrise yesterday by the way, brilliant images.

  2. That's a wondrous tree, I think. And the belted galloways, aren't they stunning.

  3. Er, why would you want to see a cow in a field in the dark? Just asking.

  4. Gaz, we are in a pattern a dry day and a wet day. So can't grumble. The pond photo is exposure blended and then I tried something new...to me..I duplicated the background layer pulled it to the top of the stack blend mode to multiply and dropped the opacity. Sure gave the mid tone contrast a kick.

    Bob they are beautiful cattle, gentle too.

    GB, why ask questions, just accept I know these things. I'll own up I was struggling for a one liner to finish on, struggling non stop today.

  5. The cows are definitely awwww factor, but I do like that second picture.

  6. Yes, wonderful and creative morning ...even if the sky was cloudly...and those cows - ha ha!
    You inspired me to work with tone mapping, processing my photo with selection of colours -in that way( with the other blog, you have)
    Thank you very much, Adrian!

  7. That's OK, Adrian. I was struggling for a 'different' comment. If I'm inventive there should always be an opportunity with your one liners.

    As for what you did to the photo at least it'll mean something to Gaz. I just look at the result. Looks good to me.

  8. The cows do it for me too. :D I adore cattle and these are really cute with their 'curly perms'. :) The Oak tree is weird in a wonderful kind of way - it's like something from a Harry Potter film. :O)

  9. Some old trees have great character. Unfortunately so often the surroundings get in the way of the photo we want.
    Can't say I have ever seen stripy cattle before today.

  10. Keith I was getting Desperate with a big 'D'. There is a load of stuff about here Owls by the handful keep me awake at dusk and wake me at dawn. Bats I can see but the camera can't. May experiment with flash on the latter, Beggars are blind anyway.

    Wind, You are too modest your last post was an inspiration to me. So much so that I have just shot a load of frames and will try and emulate your images.

    GB, you know perfectly well it is okay. Cause it is half of what I say and do is to get a reaction. I'm an attention junkey. Get Gaz to show you his workflow.......posh word for 'what the hell do I do with this'

    Lesley, Cows are lovely, peaceful, relaxing and inquisitive beasts to be, and have around. These after the rain were near perfect............Pity steak tastes so good!

    John, I am here today and a grand day it is but I have to clean, wash and cook. The rare breed cattle are a very welcome return to animal husbandry. I notice more farmers are letting cows calves and bulls live together. They have also stopped polling a barbaric and unnecessary practice. Should you be unfortunate enough to find a nasty one then at least the horn is something to grab.

  11. I think belted galloways are so eye catching, the peacocks of cattle! Love the wooly coats on yours! And you captured the gentle eyes.

  12. Pauline, like most cattle they are gentle. The coats were at there best as we had just had torrential rain.