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Friday 26 November 2010


Yesterday was cold and generally vile so I manipulated the following image to brighten up a miserable day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       The invented view from the van yesterday………………………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The view from the van today.

I went out as soon as it was light enough, barely light enough, the sky to the east was black as a witches hat or cat depending which version you prefer. The following images are straight RAW conversions with white balance whacked up to get rid of a nasty blue colour cast.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are gaps in the near blizzard conditions but they are short lived…………..I will be if I run out of gas, forgot to buy any beer before heading into the wilds but still have plenty of cigarettes so life is bearable.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The light you can see is The Longstone the small unlit one to it’s right is the Inner Farne and the farmhouse to the left looked a bit drab so I dabbed a couple of lights on. Beggar global warming we could do with some here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The sky is brighter to the north east but not much…………Bamburgh Castle and the village of Bamburgh to it’s left. The light on the castle is their illumination.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The dogs think it is wonderful. The best fun they have had since last year…….if beaches are good then snow is brilliant.

Sorry about the noise in these but ISO was up in the stratosphere.

I was going to head south today but it looks as if we could be here for sometime.

Have a good weekend where ever you are and whatever you are up to.


  1. Blimey Adrian, that looks dam cold; but very nice lol
    Hope you manage to get some beers, or something with a % after it. That will make it all the more bearable.
    The dogs look extremely happy.
    Take care.

  2. Keith, it's freezing in the wind, no chance of any falling down water, till we get out of here. The dogs love it.

    Bob, the best thing that could happen to them they must have no feeling at all.

  3. Gosh that does look cold Adrian. Make sure your nice and warm..! That will teach you to look into the future...!!!

  4. Northumberland is actually quite nice in the Spring, Summer and Autumn Adrian, so why did you come here in November? It's tipping down with snow in Redesdale tonight so I'm glad I'm stocked up and have a full freezer. Take care.

  5. Great set of pictures. I had an exciting enough journey going to work the other day but the traffic report said that further up the coast where you are was worse. Thought about your survival !!! ... think it's a bit better tomorrow, safe trip, J

  6. Trevor, I'm thinking of applying to the Met Office. We were in Wasdale for a week last January. That was cold this is just energy sapping with the wind and damp.

    Emma, I August 2009 around Hexham, Holy Island, Craster. WE were back for Most of April this year. Haltwhistle, Dunstanburgh, Kielder, Bellingham. I love the light in winter, it may only be fleeting but it is much better than in summmer. I have more than enough for a week or more and can beg a lift to Seahouses if necessary. You look after yourself.

  7. Jay, I love this time of the year. We should get another two or three months of low sunlight and grand clouds. I can't ever remember a sky so black. Maybe whilst I was at sea. Awesome is the word.

  8. That's exactly how I like to see snow - through someone else's eyes. Stay warm! I obviously don't have much in common with the dogs but it is good to see them having so much fun!

  9. Pauline, the snow is preferable to fog or rain. Brightens the place up. I don't know how they can enjoy it but they do. Molly was even swimming in near freezing sea wzter the other day. Barking mad!

  10. As we sail north into the Gulf of Suez your pictures are making me feel rather jealous of you there in the snow. I missed pretty much the whole of last winter in the UK (some would say that's a blessing) and am itching to get out the winter gear and head out into the snow and mountains.

  11. Gaz, I enjoy winter but yesterday was the first good day. I spent a month a the Lakes last winter and snow conditions were the best for years. Just breaking out the thermals for the first time this morning. It hailed in the night but has frozen hard since...I just hope the sun comes out today.

  12. Having to use high ISO numbers is a problem with the present lighting conditions. I binned a whole batch of bird photos recently as they were far too grainy.
    Seeing the pooches frolicking in the snow gives a good impression of its depth. Fortunately not much has survived here as yet though what little there is is now frozen solid.

  13. John, I remember once using ASA 800 film, people forget that defined grain. It also had to be kept cool. These were shot at at ISO1600 or something around that. 'll process one by selecting the sky and banging a dollop of gaussian blur on it. then select the foreground and sharpen that separately. We had another inch last night and they are forecasting thunder and increased wind tonight and tomorrow. We'll see.

  14. I remember when I used to photograph the school football matches. ISO 400 b/w film but used at 800 and developed accordingly. Even at 3200 the Canon doesn't get that grainy! My expectations have moved on though and most of the time I unreasonably expect perfection from the camera.

  15. John I agree, things have moved on. I can't imagine using film now. Or flash bulbs one had to change, asbestos fingers one needed. Sorry ceramic fingers asbestos has gone too.

  16. I like the view from the van. Looks a lot like home. Hope you're staying warm.

  17. Jolynne, much warmer than it is where you are I suspect. This won't last. Another day or so and we will be back to fog and rain. There are only about six inches of snow but I'm a mile from the nearest road and a couple of miles from a treated road. This van is a fool in snow and ice so I'll sit it out. Warm in the camper, it's winterised so in theory is okay to minus twenty centigrade. Not that I'm interested in finding out.