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Tuesday 23 November 2010

I’VE BEEN AT IT AGAIN (23/11/10)

All I can say by way of an apology for what is about to be revealed is that we have been out three times today and got absolutely soaked. I have now run out of dry trousers………No you smutty devils I’m not about to reveal that…………..not on a family blog.

I’ve been playing again…………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bamburgh Castle as, hopefully, it will never be seen again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bamburgh Castle in one of the frequent, clement patches. Although I admit to this image having had a good seeing to, the light is wonderful between the squalls.

Thursday looks as if it may be a nice day……………..let us hope so.

Back to the tablet or should that be tablets and a bit more colouring in.



  1. I love what light between squalls can do, especially when it just happens to fall on something important. And that first image would do for a book cover.

  2. You'll be applying for a job with Disney next.

  3. I guess the first started with a photo with your new (semi?) fisheye lens and could grace any Science Fantasy book cover. Maybe a source of readies there.

    The end result on the 2nd has great atmosphere.

    BTW - keep moving north as the rain seems to follow you and leave me in the clear ;)

  4. O what fun the the first picture is,love it.
    The light and atmosphere of the second one is good too.I am glad you have your gadgets to play with and entertain us with on these dismal days.

  5. Jolynne, the light is brilliant. one has to wait though not long here. I suspect most images if not all on book covers are digital art. This is okay for me but rubbish when compared to professional stuff. I shoot or draw and post the same day, it's a rush but good if one is just starting out. be good sometimes to leave an image and rework it. BE EVEN BETTER TO HAVE AN EDITOR.

    Keith, thanks and good luck on your return to the mill. This damn weather is awful but never mind we will soon be into the cold crisp days of January.

    Dawntreader, I wish. It passes the time and I would love to be good at it.

    John. The sky is all hand drawn including the moon, the little stars are just noise magnified and contrasted, the big stars are brushed in. The nebular effect is clouds filter colourised and screen blended but the castle is off a standard lens. The fish eye I purchased is 180 degrees on the diagonal. I'll post some more images from it it is crisp to the edges. Should be at over a grand. Good job someone didn't like it.

  6. Matron aren't these days just grim. The Gadget is PS Elements 9 they have given me layer masks at last. makes life a lot easier. In the second if you want to replicate set white balance to cloudy or shade. 6500k or thereabouts. then give contrast a good whack in editing, compress and sharpen.

  7. You've playing with photoshop in number one, and the second one, well I don't know. Beautiful artist.

  8. Now I haven't seen the first shot in the brochure before..... Now where did I put that tourist board phone number. !!

  9. It is all good in the hood Adrian.
    Probably like me you do not have sufficient time to manipulate images as much as you would like to..it is rather like a daily paper rather than a monthly periodical. I like all the tweaking and I am sure you are learning a lot by doing them.

  10. Bob, number one is ninety percent PS.Number two just had a good shove in colour curves to boost contrast.

    Jay, it's a good job it is a hundred feet up or it would be underwater. Looks like another day of invention coming up.

    Trevor, I would do more, one day I will master it. If this weather continues then I'm going to get plenty of practise.