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Saturday, 27 November 2010


We are still parked a mile or so south of Bamburgh and the weather is much the same, maybe slightly cooler at minus two but much better as it is dryer. I quite enjoy it and love the continually changing light. We walked down to the beach this morning but it was akin to being shot blasted so we retreated behind the dunes for a little shelter and walked into Bamburgh.

I must apologise to Matron who publishes a blog VIEWS FROM THE CASTLE for paraphrasing her title. Interesting though the area is there is precious little for miles about other than the castle.

Shopping was a success as far as it went, I got a Telegraph. Have almost finished the crossword, messed up the sudoku and read the paper, or bits of it………….I started to get bored on the fourth page of reportage of inclement weather……….What do folk expect……..it’s winter…..it’s supposed to snow! Next it will be the Highways Authorities bemoaning the fact they have run out of road salt……It’s only December and January and most of February we run out. Of cause it is you cretins, even you lot are not daft enough to grit in July. You save that month for resurfacing. The tar refuses to solidify, all the top dressing is in the gutter and folk are wandering around looking like quislings, covered in tar….Wish I’d saved last years paper. Would have saved a couple of pounds and the comment would have been much the same. I flicked over a couple of pages and hit another piece the length of War and Peace covering the Royal engagement. What is the Telegraph thinking of? Were I even half interested I would buy the Daily Mail. So apart from the letters page and the crossword that was two pounds wasted. To cap it all the shop sold neither beer or cigarettes. Should I get desperate for such staples then there is another shop eleventyeight miles down the road. So I can see his point.

On to the pictures.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Sun catching the Inner Farne Lighthouse.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The strip in the sunshine on the horizon is Lindisfarne or Holy Island. I visited a year last August a big mistake. It is joined to the mainland by a causeway that floods at about half tide.  By the time I had walked the four miles or whatever, it was time to set off back. Place was busier than an underground station in rush hour so I wasn’t too disappointed. I’ll try and get back this winter as it is worth a visit and will be better out of season.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   St. Cuthbert's Bamburgh. This looks an interesting church. I had the dogs with me and knew as soon as I got inside they would be shouting to have me out. After the shop, I was not in the right frame of mind for that.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     A mile from home this squall came through. It went dark but the sun illuminated Seahouses……….It also missed us……..Things were not all bad.

We still have plenty of food and water…………Should things get desperate then I can always throw snowballs at this handsome chap.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     A cock Pheasant. What he’s doing on a barn roof I really can’t say. I’ve popped a handful of seed down for him. Better a fat Pheasant for tea than a half starved one.

It’s getting easier walking now as the snow is hardening up. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

That’s all, have a good Sunday.


  1. How "cool" is this ? ! I've never had the chance to see Bamburgh this white or empty before ! From the angle of your second photo, I realise, and let your readers know, that you may have struggled quite a way through snowy sand dunes .... Dedication and respect ! Great shot of the pheasant and the clouds by the way, look after yourself up there, J

  2. Some pretty dramatic clouds in some of those Adrian, and plenty of snow.
    Two quid for a paper? Scandalous. I usually read them on-line, cheaper, but no good for wrapping chips.
    Keep warm.

  3. Bob, I am isn't it wonderful.

    Jay, There were people about, I spent ten minutes trying to get a perfect lead into shot two from the curb side bollards and the iron fence but either cars or trippers kept getting in the way. Walking was easier today The worst is crossing the fields. The light is unbelievable at times.

    Keith, Thanks it's down to low sun and heavy cloud........even I would struggle to make a complete mess of it. Saturdays Telegraph is a monster paper and usually good value. We are warm.

  4. Great conditions for photography. You have captured some splendid images on your walk. The desolation and isolation of it all is striking. I am beginning to think you are a hardy warrior.

  5. Trevor a cold warrior. Actually I don't mind the cold it's wind and rain I detest. Oh and wet snow.
    It's not as isolated as it looks, there are farms and a village a couple of miles either north or south. I would not miss it for the world the light is fantastic.

  6. I'm beginning to think that permanent summer is not all good. It's decades since I could photograph snow.

    More enjoyable rambling (in several senses of the word).

  7. GB, Thank you.
    I used to hate working at sea from that point of view. I like to watch the seasons change and I like the variety in our weather. Plus I can't stand airports. Spent two many years hanging around in them, flying, getting off the plane and suffering from diphtheria, malaria and most other ia's you can think of.