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Tuesday 16 November 2010

ZERO (16/11/10)

I wasn’t going to post today as all I got this morning was a picture of fog. I went out to the shops, shopped and we are now provisioned for another week. I came back and saw one of the best posts ever. Keith from HOLDINGMOMENTS filming……………fog. The commentary is great, I am being serious, he’s brilliant….Give it a look.

_B168325_6_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1  My fog is just….well….fog. It’s only saving is that it hides Middlesbrough.

Another tedious day. Recovery discs are now available should this computer die the death……mind blowing that there is the best end of 5GB of operating system. Even worse is that I now have two one terabyte external drives. It’s fine storing all this junk but one needs secretarial staff just to catalogue it initially and then to retrieve it. I think I have solved the problem. Back up by date and keep a diary………The old fashioned sort, biro and a little book. Don’t forget to fill it in!

Here is another from yesterday. It is perfectly still here so will go out at dusk for a perfect shot of the bridge. Some chance! The inversion fog will roll in or a tornado will spring up…………got to keep on trying………….. being trying.

_B158267_68_69_70_71_tonemapped_edited-1   The Tees Barrage. Should have got a night shot but missed this one on my notes………….incompetent or what?

Tomorrow I was heading south but am now torn……………if this weather holds then a camp at altitude could prove fruitful. If a little chilly.


  1. I think your fog looks just fine :) And the bridge too. We've been having the same kind of weather here today.

  2. Adrian, thank you for the plug, Appreciate it.
    Glad I'm not the only one with foggy mornings lol

    Cataloguing all the picture files is a real nightmare isn't it. I use Elements for editing, and they have a great organiser with it. Once everything is tagged, it's a doddle to find stuff. It's the tagging that takes time though

    Love the shot of the bridge. You'll have to go back for a night shot ;)

  3. Great bridge reflection and of course ... the foggy smoggie shot !!

  4. Dawntreader, it is horrible cold damp stuff.

    Keith, you are welcome. I use Elements as well and it is good but I started multiple tagging and that is much the same as not tagging at all. Went out at dusk but the fog was thicker than ever.

    Jay, ta, Smog hides a multitude of sins round here.

    Bob, thanks.

  5. We have managed to escape the fog so far. Nice atmospheric photo. Everything was very calm by the reflection of the barrage.
    I have two 500GB external drives - I keep identical backups of all my photos and videos, amongst other things, on them.

  6. John, thanks, nothing worse than fog. Tuesday was a superb day.
    The storage isn't the problem, the problem is that I rarely bin stuff and also always shoot in RAW and keep originals, some in PDF, some Tiff and the blog stuff being Jpeg could go on a flash drive. so volumes do tend to get out of hand. Today is definitely another organise day.