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Thursday, 4 November 2010


Tuesday we left Greta Bridge for a few days in Swaledale, we left in heavy rain squalls which from time to time became sleet squalls. By the time we arrived at our destination the rain had become continuous and heavy. Needless to say we had the site at Usha Gap to ourselves. Straw Beck a tributary of the river Swale was in speight and rather wonderful. We were maybe a touch close to it for comfort. At one stage during the night it occurred that should the rain not ease we could become intimate with it. I got up and cast the torch beam across it’s turbulent surface and decided that it had a good couple of feet to rise, so back to bed.

The morning dawned almost clear and bright.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A River of fire………..This image is exposure blended and shoved a bit. I like it. I liked it more that the rain had stopped and would allow a pleasant stroll down to the village of Muker.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPassage is easy, these spring loaded gates in stiles are unique to the Yorkshire Dales. The dogs have got them sorted. If the gate is this side dogs go first and visa versa. A stress free wander.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Every other field has a barn in Swaledale, I can’t get enough of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Even Swaledale sheep are brave and friendly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          The village of Muker. Relatively unspoilt as the road in is long twisty and narrow so it has escaped the worst excesses of it’s neighbour Wensleydale.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The Village Shop, source of coffee, cigarettes and a paper. Possibly, I’ll never know as it is closed on a Wednesday. A fib, I’ll be back up here when the forecast is better.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe retraced our steps as the rain started to show in the distance. Made it home with only soaked waterproofs so not a bad mini expedition.

This morning woke to torrential rain again so I decided to head back to civilization, phone, internet and PC World where I have purchased a new graphics tablet and a copy of office 2010. I had a beta version but to keep getting beta versions mean one has to be computer literate. One also has to offer constructive criticism. Not keep e-mailing saying how do I………….? Serious money is office, even more so when one has to fork out twenty quid for a book to tell you how to use it. Ah well winter is coming so plenty of time to read, try and learn.

I have had a serious go at Live Writer so hopefully images will enlarge should you feel inclined to click on them………….is it one click or two?

Have fun, I’ll now have a look and see if you have.



  1. incredibly beautiful, such a wonderful place, picturesque, I would love to spend some 'time in those houses

  2. Great set of pictures from real Yorkshire Adrian. As you know, I've spent a bit more time, i mean a lot more time walking in Yorkshire this year and these unique stile gates have come to my attention. I pencilled in a walk for my walking group to start from Muker and with these pictures I am already looking forward to it. Unfortunately it will have to wait until after the New Year when most people are free.
    That's the ultimate picture to finish a post with... barns, dry stone walls and a rainbow... magical.

  3. That is marvelous scenery, fantastic.

  4. Hi Adrian.
    Lovely photographs and they bring back happy memories
    I remember Muker well. There is a craft shop with a Penny Farthing outside...well worth a visit if only to see a local painters work .If I recollect rightly they all show an old man and a sheepdog in them. Nice wollen shop also ...prices high but so is the quality.
    Beautiful area and I am sure if the weather improves you will get some more great photographs.

  5. I can verify your images do enlarge to a click. Had to have a closer look at the River of Fire. I really like that one! And the barn. Wish we had farm buildings like that around here; most of ours are made out of corrugated iron and are not exactly photogenic.

  6. Laura, it is a wonderful part of the world. Many of these cottages are available to hire for holidays.

    Jay, It is the best of the Dales. To appreciate it you have to climb up out of the valley bottom. Lucky with the rainbow, or not we got wet.

    Bob. it is a grand place.

    Trevor, I never noticed the craft shop but have seen the paintings elsewhere. The wool shop is still there. I will be back on and off over the winter. It's nice and quiet.

    Pauline thanks. Most of our farm buildings are purely functional too. I'm selective in what I shoot.

  7. That is a cracker of an opener Adrian. It really grabs you. Agree with Jay on the last one too. Both excellent.

  8. Lovely photo's,glad your sheep was more friendly to you than my encounter with the mountain variety.I liked the barn picture,and the rainbow,something I have not yet managed to capture well.
    Hope the rain stops for you,we have just been given storm warnings and are on flood alert.
    Have good weekend.Carolyn.

  9. Keith, thanks, it's okay if we keep getting a bad day followed by a reasonable one.

    Matron, your sheep must really be something can't say I've met an aggressive sheep. The rain bow is lifted a bit. Make sure you don't have a polarising filter on. I use the sponge tool set to saturate at a strength of about 20%. We have storm warnings for Monday, that'll be fun.