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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

BLOW ME DOWN (09/11/10)

imageShot this morning at Wasdale Head…………likely….I’m in Stockton on Tees and grandly fed up. Not often I revert to the archives but today has capped it all.

Not only is the weather abysmal, wet, cold, sleet, fog, all in the same twenty minutes but we shifted twenty miles to Stockton on Tees to shoot whatever. Get a couple of jobs done on the van and hopefully get a calm night for bridge shots.

Life is just not like that…..ten minutes into the journey………..one hell of a bang. The double bed above the pilots position has become a repository for things I get and have little interest in. One is Microsoft Office, a couple of weeks ago I purchased….at full price ‘Office for Dummys’. guess what fell on the keyboard of my laptop. Office for Dummies.

I’m confronted with a cross between Legoland and Scrabble, I’m late posting* cos (a) I have had to mend this laptop and (b) I have to contend with random letters, I’m about to write Mug  That’s not meant to be a beer pot it’s meant to be B bracketed. Had this machine three years  and didn’t know that it could do that, wondrous things computers. I think I’ll keep this one and Call me sorry make a quiz out of what I ha® wrote.This is fun fancy a Martini glass. Promise this is random, I’ll try another Ninja .

As I say life is trying but nothing that can’t be sorted.

So it’s set up time………………A quick bad pic of the new machine and Alfie admiring it

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                  Some days one is the road and others you’re the tyre.

Have fun, I will,


  1. Was Office for Dummys trying to tell you something? Bang goes the money for the new camera then.

  2. That is a beautiful image of the mountains reflection over the lake, and again there is one who cares about the state, Alfie.

  3. Some days are like that Adrian.
    Hope things get sorted soon.
    Good shot of Alfie and the laptop though.

  4. Good luck getting it sorted and back to normal Adrian.

  5. CJ and I were brought up on tales of Wasdale Head and Mrs Ullock who had the only B&B at the Head back in the 1920s. Even when I used to go in the '60s it was bearable and looked like your pic. A wonderful memory. Thanks.

    Sorry about the accident. You obviously weren't expecting a rough passage.

  6. John, damned Microsoft. Either the new camera or it's bread and jam.

    Bob, thanks for once I can't blame the dogs for my carelessness.

    Keith they will get sorted. It's an awful job though.

    Trevor, thanks I will need luck and a few choice words.

  7. At least you have great photos in your archives! And, if all else fails, there is always Alfie! Thought it was Molly, oops, too much wine!

  8. Congratulations on your new machine. That's what archives are for.

  9. I can't think of two greater opposites, the amazing Wastwater scene here and the picture I have in my head of Stockton on Tees !!
    I see Alfie is studying the "escape" button !!

  10. Pauline, up and running again. I often get the dogs confused.

    Jolynne, I hate loading and configuring computers. It does mean a good spring clean though.

    Jay, polar opposites that's for sure.