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Thursday, 11 November 2010

WHAT WEATHER (11/11/10)

It has been a very mixed day today. First thing it was really vile then just before lunch it looked as if the sun was going to bless us with it’s company. It did long enough for us to get a mile from shelter. Down came the rain again so we beat a retreat.  I did get a couple of pictures of Tees Valley and Middlesbrough Portrack nature reserve is in the foreground but there has been nothing or next to nothing on the ponds.Untitled_Panorama1This is stitched from three sets of five images Fusion blended in Photomatix Pro 4.01. A bonus having the old computer trashed this software has come on by leaps and bounds compared with the previous version I had.

_B118116_17_18_19_20_tonemapped_edited-1  Then it was a quick dash home and the second shower of the day to warm up. The third if one counts the rain.

Around half three it again looked promising so we set off for the Infinity Bridge to take some shots of it in the dark.

_B118131_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1    We were a bit early but the weather was clement so no worries on that score. Molly decided on a swim………..Almost her last….. she got entangled in a load of fishing line which itself was wrapped around and integrated with a pile of flotsam. I eventually persuaded her to grab a stick and pulled her out on the second attempt. No damage, she did have a fish hook in her leg but it came out okay, so no harm done. Fishermen really are a menace, dumping hooks, lead weights and monofilament nylon all over. Sometimes think they have less sense than the fish.

_B118141_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1      Dusk arrived and with it the rain………….despite wiping away at the filter I still have a couple of spots in this image.

_B118151_2_3_4_5_fused_edited-1Three in this one…..I get dafter.

_B118156_57_58_59_60_fused_edited-1       It was getting ridiculous but another half hour and no wind it would be a wondrous sight. If you look closely there are little blue lights in the hand rail…….these turn white when someone walks or cycles past. Pretty smart is that.

I’ll come back for another go. All images in this post  are HDR. Some fusion blended others tone blended. I’ve no idea what the difference is…………another job……read the instructions. Can get hard work can doing nothing.

That’s us up to date.


  1. Nice job of the bridge Adrian. I must try some night photography but it is very rare I am out and about late at night.

  2. Amazing images you have taken of this wonderful bridge with it's unique central pillar(s). I'll have to find it sometime.

  3. Trevor, my opinion is that dawn and dusk are best. I can just about see what I'm doing. Usually I work on full manual and underexpose a stop or two. A soft grad. filter can be handy. These were bracketed and HDR processed. Waste of time really in wind and rain.

    Jay, It's just about a mile upstream from the barrage and white water canoeing place. There is a path up one side of the Tees and down the other taking in five bridges of varying design and vintage. This one needs a flat calm night to get a reflection in the river. A bodyguard or two would not go amiss. Some strange folk round here.

  4. Interesting looking bridge Adrian. Quite a piece of engineering.
    Hope Molly has fully recovered after her tangle with the fishing line.

  5. Keith,thanks, she is fine took me a while to recover. Angling gear should only be sold to people that know someone that can read and write. It is a grand bridge. I'll catch it under perfect conditions one day.

  6. Great shots of the bridge in spite of the conditions. Pleased Molly is OK - must have been a heart stopping moment. Hope your vehicle was pointing into the wind last night. Only measured up to 40mph here but hear is was a tad wilder elsewhere.

  7. John,it makes it easy when conditions are good, damn tripod blew over as I was connecting the cable release.......in a plastic bag.....I despair at times. Olympus cable release for the E-3 is £80.00p twice the going rate. Waterproofing is expensive...doubly so if it isn't done. I love the camera and they are cheap for what you get, a bomb proof camera and a good lens system if one can afford it.
    Molly is fine but it seemed to take five minutes to get her out of the water. She can swim but not attached to a load of rubbish by a fish hook. Two sticks it was in the end one she held onto and the other I hooked through her collar. Very pleased to see me when she hit dry land. Even let me remove the hook without a squeak. Barbed it was, thought they had banned them.
    Truck is fine flat underneath so most whistles over the top and straight under. I have anchors for it but it's better to let her rock on the suspension.

  8. I love how the light plays on the curves of that bridge. I'm so glad Molly got out okay; I'm sure that was a heart-stopping moment!

  9. I love the bridge or parts of it.

  10. Jolynne, it is a wonderful sight. Molly is a wee devil. You are right it could have caused a heart attack.

    Bob, it is a beautiful structure.

  11. Interesting shapes and lights on that bridge, I can see the "attraction" for a photographer but I can also imagine it being no fun place to be in bad weather...

  12. Dawntreader, I'll keep trying with it.