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Sunday 21 November 2010

GEEK OR NERD (21/11/10)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASkiddaw…………..I hope in happier weather. This cold, rain and fog is driving me mad.

No pictures today but some nerdy stuff that may be of interest  to DSLR owners who  don’t have an interval timer or the function on the camera. I like star trails but get sick of taking the many exposures required manually. It is possible to buy a cable release with this function but Olympus don’t do one.  I have been pondering this problem on and off for months, in between dreams of Uma Thurman. A couple of days ago I experienced a revelation, a eureka moment to rival that of Archimedes…………….Almost!

This works on the Olympus E-3, can’t see why it would not on a Cannikon for you perverse photographers that own such equipment.

Here is what to do…………………………….

  1. Mount your camera on a sturdy tripod……..Why are tripods always sturdy?
  2. Plug in your cable release.
  3. Set everything to manual.
  4. Set shooting mode to continuous. In my case (H).
  5. Select Anti Shock and select the time interval you require.
  6. Set focus and exposure for whatever, the night sky, a flower bud, clouds.
  7. Press the cable release and lock it as you would for a bulb exposure.
  8. The camera happily keeps snapping away till the battery goes flat.

PS. Charge the battery first!

That’s it…………..I’m inordinately proud of this discovery……….I’m a Happy little Nerd.

We are of to the seaside tomorrow………..today is starting to look like a pub day…….. Oh Dear!   Confused smile


  1. Anything could be a pub day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good blog, and funny.

  2. Clever.
    I'll stick to dreams of Uma though lol
    Isn't it a drag, having to go to the pub when the weather takes a turn. Never mind. Enjoy :)

  3. Bob you are right there. Pub days are good days.

    Keith, Somebody must have worked this out but I met the Olympus Tech rep Saturday and he didn't think it possible.

  4. I don't know what Anti Shock is - unless it's to guard the camera against a boozy photographer or excitable dogs ;)

    I swear I can see the face of a gorilla in that rock formation - or is it time for me to become tea total?

  5. John, you are okayi can see the face as well. Anti shock is Olympus speak for the function that allows one to lift the mirror prior to the shutter operating.