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Wednesday 17 November 2010


Again an image free day, certainly a decent image free day.

Morn came and went--and came, and brought no day,
And men forgot their passions in the dread
Of this their desolation; and all hearts
Were chill'd into a selfish prayer for light:

The above is an extract from Darkness by Lord Byron. It just about sums up the weather here. dark  it may be, windy and cold it is but the fog is gone and it is dry.

We have had a complete lap of Portrack Nature Reserve. It has justified it’s name, the nature was very very reserved.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Or maybe just a bit shy. Even the Blackheaded Gulls and gone back home to roost. Or most of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     There are a couple here keeping the Cormorants company. I hope they fish one at a time or there could be a nasty avian collision in the gloom.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     At least the dogs enjoyed themselves. One of the few things I envy a dog for is it’s ability to have endless entertainment from what was there. The sense of smell they enjoy is mind boggling. There are times in my life when I imagine it could well be a mixed blessing.

We are definitely heading south tomorrow so will see if a change in latitude brings a change in the weather. Some snow is half expected so that could brighten things up.

That’s all.



  1. Sounds like you got the same weather I got here Adrian; gloom, wind and cold.
    The dogs look happy enough though.
    You're right, they have a knack of enjoying whatever is there :)

  2. Lord Byron seems to have summed up the situation well. At least Mollie and Alfie look as though they had a very enjoyable day. I also envy their ability to find a simple smell to be the highlight of their day.

  3. Great two dogs, not one, but two. What do they get up too? It makes me wonder.

  4. I like the pictorial essay style. Nice to see.


  5. Keith, it's that time of the year, one sees birds that I thought were extinct. Wee divils hide in bushes all through the summer. The dogs can run from August till April after that they are tethered.
    Never ceases to amaze, imagine Molly, particularly, can smell deer at over a mile.

    John. It is both frightening and fascinating. here I talk of Byron and the Dogs. The former was to my mind mediocre as a writer, I like the poem and am grateful for an education that drummed such stuff into me.
    Fascinating, domesticated dogs haven't lost it.
    As for the dogs three or four trips out are better than the telly. They don't miss a sniff.

    Bob I have two, on and off since my brother died this summer. This time of the year they run free. Come nesting time they are under control. That means tethered.