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Monday 22 November 2010

FOGS GONE (22/11/10)


image           We have moved to a small farm between Seahouses and Bamburgh on the Northumberland coast or twenty minutes from the coast to be exact.

We got out between rain showers for a quick look round, it’s a bleak and desolate place today but hopefully the weather will improve before next June and allow some photographs. I have seen some wonderful images from around here but despite several trips have nothing to show from the area myself.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Bamburgh Castle in the gloom and today is not proving to be the exception.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The Farne Islands. The tiny light almost dead centre is the Longstone Lighthouse scene of Grace Darlings epic rescue…………..that doesn’t sound quite right she was the epic rescuer………….That’s better.

Let us hope for some better weather tomorrow and I’ll get out for some dawn shots.

Have a good week one and all.


  1. Looks a very nice spot Adrian.
    Hope the forecast snow holds off while you're there. Be good for pictures, but not so good if you get stuck.

  2. Keith, It is but I can't seem to tune in to it. I have been here or in the area in superb weather but never manged any good shots.
    Wouldn't mind some snow, We have a good couple of weeks of food and gas without resorting to sardines and tuna.

  3. Lovely castle photo Adrian! The gloomy effect is working quite nicely in it I think, as the somewhat foggy overcast day casts a dark and mysterious shadow which makes it quite interesting to ponder about...Greetings from Maine, USA ....Linda

  4. Linda, this is the UK. It can get better but gloomy is November. It needs a full moon and early morning mist and a fiery dawn. All of which I
    would give a finger for. One of which would be okay. Thanks for the encouragement I need it!

  5. It can be bleak and cold there. I have so much catching up to do in Bogland. At least your fog and poor weather is making catching up a bit easier!!

  6. It looks from the map like there should be plenty of photo opportunities round there. The castle certainly looks impressive. Haven't been to that part of the UK. Closest I've been is Whitley Bay, a fair distance south.

  7. You already know what I think about this place. Thanks for providing map number 2 because you have settled my mind on your exact location. It's nice to see Bamburgh castle taken from a different viewpoint from the one in the tourist brochures..... on the other hand.... I may be tempting you to find it !!

  8. I wish you better luck with the weather. It's blizzarding over here.

  9. GB, It's a week since I had a good camera day. could well be another week yet.

    Gaz there are, i just can't seem to relate to the area.

    Jay, It's a dawn job, ideally a rain free dawn job.

    Jolynne Oh for something as interesting as a blizzard.

  10. So here you are in Northumberland. The weather looks sunny today (Tuesday 23/11) here in Redesdale so I hope you might have some sun at the coast. When a teenager, I camped at Glororum(derived from a High spot where you can glower over them - probably a reference to our times of war with the Scots when all of this land changed hands as frequently as the English and the Scots had hot dinners). There's lots osf Northumberland to see, Adrian: I hope you can make something of it at this time of year.

  11. Emma, I was up here for a month early in the year. Just don't seem to click with the coast. Inland I enjoy Northumberland. We are experiencing Heavy hail squalls here. Nice in between them but the inbetween doesn't last long.