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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


The dogs are eating like horses, the birds like Gannets. It’s a good job we are moving on tomorrow and I can stop for seed, dog food , peanuts and meal worms.

I’ve just been sent a missive from our respected Constabulary. The gist of it being that should snow blow from the camper roof onto the public highway then I will receive a sixty pound fine, be hung drawn and quartered and have three hundred penalty points affixed to my licence……………..Plod…..get real! It’s snowy. You want to skate about shifting ice from the truck roof, feel free. If I do it on your instruction and skiddle off then it will cost you several times more than sixty pounds……………..I will polish my number plates,  clear my windscreen, make sure my de- icer bottle is full, wear clean pants, check my lights and carry a hanky. Cleaning the truck roof is gods job he put the stuff up there. He will get it down………….So…On your bike…..or in your case your big posh Volvo or Beamer. Nobody can speed on these roads so they have to make their wages up somehow.

Credit due for initiative.

Only the usual callers at my feeders none of the Waxwings, Albatross, Macaws and Lesser Spotted Green Diddly Backs, you proper Ornithologists post…………It matters little. I love them all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     A Blackbird stuffing his face at my expense.


Robins…………..usually first but this time a close second.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Great Tit……………………..and…………………..


We also have a fox, several rabbits and magpies. A busy place.

See you Friday from sunny Derbyshire if not before. Keep safe, keep warm.



  1. Good photos and great blog. Yes, I'll try to stay warm and safe, lol.

  2. The plod must be having a quiet moment; so ridiculous.

    A fine selection from your window Adrian, and I'm sure they are very grateful for all the food.

    Keep safe, and keep warm yourself sir.

  3. Nice pictures. It's too cold to commit crime at the moment. Sounds like the sort of thing that used to happen in that slow but scenic sunday night TV police programme.... You haven't moved to Aidensfield have you, i mean Goathland.

  4. You have to laugh at the antics of the Old Bill.....well unless you are on the receiving end of it. Make sure you do not transport any foreign birds into another county....please double check your roof and other hiding places.

    Have a safe journey.

  5. Crazy! :-) Love the Blackbird shot Adrian. Try to keep out of trouble!

  6. At my age I'd be quite flattered to think the police could regard me as a risk to public safety! Bit of a larrikin, aren't you? Love that word - when did it slip from our vocabulary?

    I'll definitely stay warm, am off to Brisbane and December heat on Saturday.

  7. Bob, thanks.

    Keith, They eat an unbelievable amount, thre feeders a day and clear up the rejects from the ground.

    Jay, I keep meaning to go back to Goathland. There's a good spout I made a mess off.

    Trevor. They get dafter. Wandering round camp sites with that drivel.

    Angie I will do my best.

    Pauline, Larrikin, sounds Irish, I'll start to use it. Have a good time in Brisbane. Just as well you are not away to Perth. I can see there being floods of tears there in a few days. It's a silly game anyway.........especially if one can't play it!

  8. Oh Adrian you know how to wound an Auzzie. Hopefully so do the boys in white!!

    I'm surprised at your blatant disregard for the words from the esteemed officers of the law. Surely a few hours spent getting wet and cold in pursuit of keeping on the right side of the law is time well spent.

    Yeah right.

    PS Travel safely on those roads made treacherous by all the snow dumped in your path from those lawless motorists.

  9. GB, I have always found it somewhat galling that we spent ages teaching our old colonies how to play Cricket, Rugby, Pig Sticking. Before one knows where one is they have the temerity to beat us at our own game. Not this time I hope....Is Perth short of water, we should be able to charge them for the rectification of that problem. After all this just watch them win forty love or however they score it.
    If it hadn't happened I would not believe our constabulary were touring camp sites and no doubt lorry parks distributing such trash.
    We arrived safely....nearest we came to an accident was meeting an ambulance in the middle of the road.....No Blues and Twos so just chatting to his mate probably.
    I don't know what I would write about were it not for the imbeciles in authority around me.

  10. I wonder if PC Plod gave the same warning to all the lorry drivers stuck for days in drifts - sorry mate, you can't move that until you shift that ton of snow from the top of your truck.

    Great photo of the GT.

  11. John I suspect not. I imagine they posted the letter in truck stops though. Then beat a hasty retreat if thy'd any sense.