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Monday 30 November 2009



image      Backtracked a bit primarily to get some pictures of tin mines.  Found this place to stop in the Caravan Club book and glad I did. Composting toilets, solar showers and no doubt much else I've yet to discover.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The largest rammed earth building in the whole wide world....Well the UK....Amounts to much the same thing!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thought maybe this was some sort of Druid astrological instrument, rolled about on the grass, got soaking wet and still the holes didn't line up. So just sculpture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A fence made from railway sleepers and a section of rammed earth wall.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The Entrance....Missed that pylon, sorry, Have already had to remove a car from one image and a shed roof from another. Still, it's the gateposts that count.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    What I really came for......Tin Mines. Will have a good look around, that is if I decide not to go surfing instead, supposed to be a major surf centre here at Porthtowan.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Porthtowan......I only came here for a couple of nights but I'll see what there is to see and have a re evaluation tomorrow.

Re did yesterday's homework in the light of the totally justified criticism. I think the Polruan images can go in the bin.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA             Polruan....this is a different image..........Below is yesterdays blue image colour corrected.....Sun glasses at the ready.

PB290481_80_79_edited-1    Not solarized... Just hit a black spot with the picker in levels and this popped up, couldn't repeat it, thank heaven!!!!

Turned very cold, could be shaping up for a frost tonight. Keep warm.


  1. I recognise that tin mine - been there; it hasn't changed much in thirty five years.

    Is rammed earth what it sounds like? If it's just earth that's been rammed into a solid mass won't it melt away in the rain?

  2. The Ecological Park looks more interesting than your average park. I don't know about surfing - ice skating maybe.

  3. HELLO from Ireland,are you the Adrian who called in on my site ??
    I love your photos ,the last one of the sky scape was amazing.I am not a photographer,I have a little digital Samsung,that I point at things and hope I have snapped the intended target !!
    I do however,paint,thats why I thought the sky scape was so interesting.
    Feel free to join my visitors at the castle any time--if you have time you will be very welcome.

  4. Every time I go to Cornwall it seems to rain .. I'm actually descended from Cornish tin miners so it was nice to see a picture of an old mine shaft .

  5. Looks a nice parking spot you found Adrian.
    Think you could be right about a frost; been freezing cold here all day.
    Like that tin mine shot, and Porthtowan looks very promising.

  6. Petrus upsended you mean, nah lovely weather you have just been unlucky.
    Matron, don't think so. thanks for popping by.
    John, and I should hope it hasn't. Probably workable again if they hadn't banned child labour! ( Must stop these remarks, some folk think I'm serious)
    Will get the words and music from them tomorrow. They lime render the outside I do know.
    John, It's sort of half done, knew a haircut was a mistake. No chance in this weather, give the dog a cuddle, cheers.

  7. Keith hope so...Could be here a while.

  8. Looks like you picked a good site Adrian. Tin Mines are quite plentiful in Cornwall and are very photogenic. I do not recollect seeing that one you have photographed. Purple Rain.....ummmm

  9. Trevor, one of the more interesting places I have found. will give it a good seeing to.

  10. Your rammed earth building is bigger than any I've seen in Aust and NZ, too. But watch the world starting and ending in the UK.

  11. Pauline, never seen buildings like this before, seen cob and straw bales used.
    The world doesn't start and end in the UK, silly, even I know that*. Nice to know that, so far, we have another biggest in the world. Had assumed that only our National Debt was the biggest on the planet.
    *It starts and ends where I am!!!