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Saturday, 28 November 2009

A PROBLEM (28/11/09)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                'Houston, or in this case Olympus, I think we have a problem.'

After a month of torrential rain, water has got at me pixels, they are smudging. A subject not covered in your FAQS.  (Got everywhere else but I've contacted the NHS on that matter as I suspect it's outside your remit).  Apart from doing a Swallow and shifting or a Hedgehog and hibernating, do you have any constructive comments or better still a solution.

So starts another day and it's a day off, printed some Molly portraits for family at Christmas. Went for a walk found some Holly and Ivy so that's the decorations sorted.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA           Could be a big mistake posting this, there's a better than evens chance I'll have to do the Marks and Spencer food catalogue.

Also found my main course.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Enough for two........

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMust be a mind reader. Clever birds these or maybe the net gave me away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Don't know what this is but more red berries than one can shake a stick at. Am missing red berries.............Not for long!

Sorry for shattering your eyes, off to Fowey tomorrow..........Knew I'd forget something..........Laundry........Arrgh!


  1. Nice one . I hope you get the camera sorted. lump hammer and chisel man me, so no point asking me to fix anything thats not made of stone. or concrete. I know sometimes that is what we feel like doing with our fine modern things. best take it to a heart surgeon or whatever you call a fixer of digital apparatus . no holly or Ivy here, but thats a nice touch to the xmas cake, or is that a practice run with a piece of Dundee. I found my Christmas lunch this morning in fact three.

  2. By the way its a holly tree not all the holly is prickly. you can tell by the knobbles on the bark of the branches. take a look at a prickly tree.

  3. Tony, only posted for a laugh. Camera sorted, B&Q wet dry vacuum on the sensor and a good rub with kitchen towel. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. Needs a professional like what I is.
    Thanks for that I've seen ornamental and even variegated Hollies but never so many berries.

  4. He he. Looks like stir crazy is much like rain crazy! I go for the 4 inch drop test myself. Not sure in this case whether it should be the camera or the cameraman which needs testing ;)

  5. Your comment Aidrian . this is egypt they expect backsheesh just for giving a smile.
    and today its not genine Egp. its dollar or euro. I never give anybody anything unless they do something for me. I f I started wrapping things up for these "!$%&, I would have to drive a fifty ton lorry to put it in, but thats only here in Luxor and Cairo, I was in a place called Quna 50 k from here not one person said anything unless I asked and then it was with a smile glad to help, Taxi stop if asked no Carriages thank God. I even speak a little arabic ( little Being what I do speak) enough to get by. this hassle is one of the reasons that I am moving from here not sure where too. must find a place with wild life get on much better with them than the Arabs.
    no one in this place I can trust not even the expats. all liars and thieves, Last night I had a call from my landlord .. please watch the building, hear any noise call me. last time he went to his mums its only five miles away. he had his flat robbed by the neighbor, cant prove anything and unless he pays the police they will do nothing either, when I pulled the neighbor up all he said was we are so poor and he have everything. f&%%$* I have this place wired even my land lord has tried to break in here while I was in Cairo a few months ago.
    always let things slip these people can not put electric in the door Mr Tony. Its rigged so any one tries to interfere with the lock gets a shock. he must have had a good one. he even warned his neighbour not to try my flat, 240 volts not tripped no such thing here as safety. this house is wired straight off the line. He has meters here but no lecy goes through, when the lecy man comes its backsheesh close your yes. every thing is backsheesh even with the police, I call it corruption.Mr H M is corrupt so it works down through the ranks.
    have a nice day. I do I take it all as a bit of fun and give them sweet f a. I have done my giving 3 months a year for 20 years as a volunteer. thats what annoys me with these buggers they only beg because they can. and think of us as suckers for giving.

  6. You can read the last comment then delete if you wish Adrian . happy blogging Passes the time doesn't it

  7. Delete nothing Tony, well.... Sycophancy...Doesn't fall into that category.
    Whose writing this blog?

  8. John, and there I was hoping for sympathy!

  9. I hope Molly is having something more substantial than cake at christmas? Nice shot though ;)
    There's an old saying about lots of berries and a harsh winter. Hope they're wrong.

  10. Funny post, Adrian. Good to see your sense of humour is intact.

  11. Do not know if you have already read this post about steel steal. Ha! another to put on
    English is easy


  12. Keith, she is always make her a chicken and rice cake, decorated with scrambled egg....Soft or what! I enjoy snow, this blasted rain gets me down. More last night, winds back too, cheers.
    Pauline, one has to either laugh or cry, laughing is best.

  13. Another great post - LOL@ your pixels smudging. Hope you get that sorted out soon and get some rain-free exploring time. :o)

    I love the berries - great capture!

  14. Penny thanks for popping by, all sorted.