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Sunday, 29 November 2009


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The River Fowey... Runs from Fowey to the sea and from Fowey to Lostwithiel and from Lostwithiel to nowhere in particular. After yet another stormy night we set off over the hill to Fowey. One hell of a walk so I was very grateful to have had the foresight to order a cab. Sunshine and showers best describes the day. Higgeldy Piggeldy best describes Fowey, a charming little place. No two buildings the same and an amazing number of banks and pubs.


PB290463_2_1_edited-1 PB290444_5_3_edited-1

PB290442_1_0_edited-1 PB290484_3_2_edited-1

PB290481_80_79_edited-1    Polruan.......All the above images are HDR with the exception of the first. A bit twee but difficult to know how to deal with this light. So in for a penny...and overkill.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe church dominates the town and is a beautiful building. It remains, as it should, unadulterated.

   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The lead light for ships, this was and still is the major port for the export of China Clay. We walked up to the loading dock but no ships were in and we were driven back by the rain. Into the Ship Inn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Just opened and lovely and warm. Tomorrow we are away to St Agnes so let us hope for a change in the weather. Nothing wrong with a bit of rain, I suppose............Keeps the dust down!


  1. The first six HDR's work for me Adrian.
    Something about the 5th though. That blue in the sky looks odd. But that aside, I like these a lot.

  2. Ta Keith, Have about ten shots of the naff one, will play about by hand...Excuse the expression. I recently got the Collins fungi book...Guess what seen not a one since. You obviously have a better book.

  3. Hi Adrian. A nice collection of photographs of Fowey. Good job you did not attempt to drive through the place. You are going to have a nice collection of photographs as a reminder when you do eventually decide to finish. Are you frightening people off? everywhere is deserted.

  4. Trevor, great place, but wanderers wander. Great thing about our current weather, dive out just after the rain and you have the place to yourself.
    Trouble was no place to dive out of. So well wet again. What's with the statue?

  5. That is a tremendous setting, the town or village is "olde".

  6. I take it that the king of prussia is a public house would not like to get tanked up in there. to many steps to fall down, nice one of the clouds over Fowey.

  7. Lots of interesting skies there. Think I like the first one best but I guess I'm not meant to be looking at the skies. And I shouldn't, because that is a cute town with its narrow alleyways.

  8. Tony, yes it is, wouldn't loke to get thrown out either.
    Pauline it's a smashing place, no two buildings the same. The skies are good because they were busy, busy raining, cold rain!
    Bob, yes a grand spot.

  9. A very interesting series. This place is very much different from the place where I live. I like the narrow passageway & also the sky shots are great!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sishir, thank you for coming by. Plenty of narrow streets where you come from, a bit warmer than here.

  11. Like Keith I noticed the odd bit of blue in No5 but the HDR process works well on the buildings.
    Lots of old stone built property with character there. Much more interesting that modern shopping areas where every business has a corporate image and every town centre looks the same.

  12. John. Agree, mind I was a bit selective. good place to be. Will have another go at number five, getting time for a November round up.

  13. That looks a good place to visit. You really are doing a good job of selling the UK!

  14. These are fascinating, Adrian! You are really good with the HDR, I'm impressed! I really need to work on my skills in that area and I'm inspired by your shots here.

    I really love the shot in the pub. It looks so warm and inviting. Nice to get out of the rain. ;o)