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Monday, 30 November 2009


A quick summary of the last thirty days wouldn't be complete without mentioning the sunshine we have enjoyed. Ok, no sunrises, no sunsets but patches of sun non the less. It only got cold this last few days so all in all it could have been a whole lot worse. We have had the odd drop of rain but we have also been lucky. Can't think of anything worse then being inundated with flood water. So, very lucky, compared to some.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Brixham 2nd Nov.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Kingswear Devon 7th Nov. You Have to have sun to have a rainbow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Bonfire Night Dartmouth 8th Nov.......Should have been the 5th but better late than never. (This image is three images combined.) Sorry four! And they were at Kingswear the other side of the river.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Dartmoor on the 10th of Nov,  Can't have sunny all the time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      The Harbour St, Michael's Mount. taken on the 15th of Nov.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Cape Cornwall 16th Nov, still the sun shines.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMolly had a haircut 17th Nov. was a touch damp that day!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Peeping through the boulders Sennen Cove, not Bikini weather but not bad. 19th Nov.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Porthoustock on the 20th of Nov.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Penryn River taken on the 25th of Nov. So had to miss a few days a bit of drizzle in some of those images.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Par Beach. 27th Nov. had to concentrate on this corner to avoid all the sun loungers and nubile half naked girls!

PB290468_9_7_edited-1 Fowey 29th of Nov. Maybe not cloudless but I see blue sky.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPorthtrowan 30th Nov. Again just a touch of fair weather cumulus.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A cormorant. Now how does he dry his feathers if it rains all the time. Come to think, how the hell does it know they need drying?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Shall I Jump? No.... A good month.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     You think I compose this drivel...Nah! Molly hard at work, doing what she does best.

All the best. December is going to be magical.

PS. My cup is empty hence the good mood!!!


  1. I love the Dartmoor pic, oh, and peeping throught the boulders at Sennen Cove. It's interesting to see where everything is recorded and who can resist Molly?

  2. Thanks for the round up. That's a great idea. Molly looks satisfied with the month's doings. I've enjoyed the month's sights, too.

  3. Great round up Adrian. This whole trip would make a very interesting book.
    I love the occasional shots from inside the truck too, and the places you stay overnight. A good feel of life on the road.

  4. Pauline, glad you like it will do one next month, assuming I'm sober enough.
    TMW, Thanks am here to please, hopefully, there are at least two occasions a month when it's easy. Her only bad habit rolling in long dead things and crap.
    Keith, Ta, like anything else it's not all good but better than I expected. The books not a bad idea. Old Age Travels, (A cure for insomnia).

  5. Really enjoyed these photos. The Dartmoor fence is my favourite and the fireworks one is fun. The boulders are powerful. Nice mixture of the homely and dramatic - with some lovely casts of light.

    One of them reminded me of this




  6. A great round up Adrian. A lot of good periods despite all the rain we have had. I am trying to work out if any of those photos had been HDRd.

    With the enormous selection of photos you must have it would indeed make a brilliant illustrated tour of the country.

    Bobby says Molly has the right idea in the last shot. Save energy until it is really needed

  7. I really love that old fence photo with the dead grass. It is a winner in my book.Molly is a sweetie.

  8. Thanks Abe.
    John just the church one, The boulders and stones I usually treat to a sponging set to saturate and a small flow or opacity. The sponge is in with dodge and burn.
    Thanks Lucy, yours is better, but then I'm trying, very trying I'm told.

  9. Stunning, really, all of the things you saw in November! I'm impressed. Molly is such a cutie, the haircut looks good on her. :o)

  10. Penny, thank you, enjoyed the month. We try to get about.