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Sunday, 15 November 2009

SHADOWS (15/11/09)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        ST MICHAELS MOUNT........Lies a couple of miles east of Penzance. This image has been flipped for the sake of aesthetics, will show you the real view in a bit. It is joined to the mainland at a village called Marazion by this causeway which floods twice a day on the tide.

I know you will think me totally ungrateful but on checking the weather at 0730h the Met office were predicting heavy thundery showers so we gave it an hour and when we were still basking under a cloudless blue sky set off. It's about an hour and a half walk, took us two, what with me limping and Molly sniffing. No bus till around noon Sundays.

If anyone from the Met Office reads this please tell me why you bother updating weather every couple of hours if all you produce is gibberish. OK it's a civil service job but have some pride.


Reality is on the right, not as pleasing to my eye as the left hand image. Comments please.

The low winter sun, welcome though it is, plays havoc with my attempts at photography. Shadows everywhere, mostly mine. All the following images have been well gone over but not, for the purists, flipped.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     I enjoyed this mural.....is mural posh for graffiti?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The harbour front............All shut up as were the gardens and the castle.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    The harbour.....Will try and find out why it was built, I actually stayed here a night whilst skippering a charter yacht many years ago.Remember a devil to get into but much easier getting in than dealing with the ferry boats, who ply the waters between here and the mainland in summer.


Impressive, pity we couldn't get a closer view.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The Causeway and Marazion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA MARAZION..... Taken whilst waiting for the bus to arrive or the pub to open............The bus came first.......Blast!

Hopefully off to Cape Cornwall tomorrow. It's dog clip day Tuesday. Another busy week, makes me wonder what I would do if I had a job!

Could always go on television, Last of 'The Summer Wine'----------------- on wheels!


  1. Seems the weather has improved no end.
    Lovely shots again Adrian; looks like a summers day, without tourists.

  2. Your flipped (flipping) picture is intriguing. The smaller versions make no difference to me but when I look at the larger versions my eyes are drawn to different parts of the 'mount'.
    In Reality my eyes are drawn to the sea on the left but Alice Through the Looking Glass makes the mount the centre of interest. Possibly I have finally cracked ;) or maybe something to do with dominant eye / brain hemisphere.

    Would love to have seen the mural in real life.

    Would you have been a Compo or a Foggy?

  3. Great images Adrian. I see they have rebuilt the causeway. My one and only time I visited that area was in 1968, looks like the harbour was built so they could moor on the mud at high tide.
    Is last of the summer wine still running?

  4. I was sitting here in silent awe of today's sight-seeing - why does that causeway look better turned the other way, I wonder? - then you creep up and hit me with The Last of the Summer Wine. Oh yeah, on wheels. I can imagine it now. Do you have a tea cosy to pull over your head?

  5. I agree the causeway doesn't look so good right way round (though my disciplined mind wouldn't allow me to turn it). I wonder why that is? Presumably we read from left to right but look at photos from right to left - or something.

  6. Keith, a few tourists about, a day that lifted the spirits.
    John, to me they look better leading from bottom right,it seems to add depth. Could only be Compo.
    Tony, yes rebuilt but there's a gap in the middle, maybe the result of the previous few days gale. No idea whether it is doubt it.
    Pauline, No tea cosy but a very strange woolly hat!
    John, Yes we do read from left to right but we are in a minority, Chinese up and down, Hebrew/Arabic right to left and back to front. When you flip through a magazine do you do it backwards? I do, so it would make sense to print it backwards like Hebrew or Arabic.

  7. Causeway to the left... that was my preference, Adrian. I remember these places so well although it's been a few years since I was in that region. Lovely pictures, again.

  8. Wonderful shots! I agree, i prefer your flip, although I also like looking at the two together. It's a lovely shot too. And the mural is unbelievable!

  9. Thanks Valerie, glad you enjoy them.
    Gwendolyn, now you have surprised me. Most of your images lead left to right, I'm thinking of sticking four together next rainy day.