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Monday 16 November 2009

SUPERSIZE ME (16/11/09)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                   LENS CLOTHES.......It's a long story but this morning despite feeling jaded we caught the bus to St Just and as you may have noticed walked down to Cape Cornwall. Having been astounded a couple of days ago to be able to travel all day for under four pounds I was , to put it mildly, 'Gobstruck', to be asked for seven pounds today. Works on radius apparently but not for Molly she can go where she likes for £0.65p.

As I had donated a lens rag to a near hurricane I decided to catch the bus back all the way into Penzance I'd seen a Jessops there and decided a new cloth was in order. Cloth, it's a bath towel, great, no more rain spots on my pictures.

Whilst in the shop I decided to 'bite the bullet' and enquire about circular polarisers for a 72mm lens. I prefer linear but the Cokin 'P' size vignettes on my all purpose lens when set at 12mm. A simple matter you might suppose in Britain's biggest photographic chain.

Yesterday it was 'Last of the Summer Wine' today 'One Foot in The Grave'.

A lift of one shoulder and a grunt was the response to my request. Now I know I have an accent and I know Cornishmen do, but from experience I know they can do more than grunt.

Polariser.....Papa-Oscar-Lima-Alpha-Romeo-India-Sierra-Echo-Romeo. Thought I've overdone it a bit now...... Thought the poor lad was going to faint, another grunt and an older version appeared and after some indecipherable discussion produced the requested filter. They're £51.00. Christ! That's cheap, I was expecting to pay well over a hundred. Are they any good? Dunno. Can I return it? Yes as long as it's still wrapped up. I need to try it. Dunno. OK I'll take the chance. So we'll have to wait and see. Mind you, any odd colour casts and back it will be going unsealed or not!

Had a quick wander round St Just, some good buildings, but as usual the local highways department have stuck signs on every available wall and where a wall isn't available supplied a dedicated structure.

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Light was terrible but on a good day or with a competent photographer an impressive War Memorial.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The Parish Church.....Now I knew you would want a view of the tower.......

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here it is, was worse before I half corrected distortion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These cottages next door turned out better. They must be quite old as windows have been blocked to avoid window tax. Think I'm joking....Google it! Our government will and always have taxed anything no matter how implausible. They have to be maintained in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

Whilst waiting for the bus I purchased a pastie, the best I have ever had. They are not called pasties here but what sounds like Tiggieoggies. A far better name.

All in all a good day.

That's all.


  1. There was me thinking it was only my local town where shop 'assistants' had lost the power of intelligible speech and the will to live. What ever happened to the Aunty Wainwright 'grab your customer and sell him something' attitude?

    There is an old farm house a few miles from me where the blocked up window is painted on the outside so you have to look hard to see that it had been filled in for the same reason - window tax. If only it were so easy to avoid some modern taxes!

  2. John, at home we call the greengrocer Auntie Wainwright, I go in for a bag of veg. and never get out without at least two.
    Jessops wonder why they are losing money I use Harrison Cameras in Sheffield and always get excellent advice and a choice, how shopping should be!
    Had a Magpie yesterday, who was hiding a large piece of bread. It was collecting leaves and burying it, didn't like to open the window for a shot as they are easily disturbed.

  3. Fortunately Comley Cameras in Cleethorpes is a proper photography shop where the assistants use the products they sell and know them inside out. In general I don't think you can beat the old established independent shops. Even though they are not the cheapest I try to support them as often as possible.

    Great stuff spotting of the Magpie burying the bread.

  4. Agree John and if pushed they can usually get very close to online prices. It's akin to buying beer in supermarkets or pubs, one has to pay a little extra for service. Also in proper shops you can try before buying.

  5. I really enjoyed your photographys Adrian and also your essay on all the things you did. And then the last picture mentions "Window Tax" and that reminds me that two old castles here that were built when English forces still controlled this country, have very tall and narrow windows on one side of each room and none on the other side but where they should go are large mirrors. The tour guide told us it was their way of making a room look like it has twice the number of windows that it actually has. The reasons: "Window Tax."

  6. Abe they gave it up, everyone blocked up their windows and the tax man could no longer find them in the dark.